• Location: GF Net Park Building, 4TH Avenue, BGC
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Saturday – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Kind of establishment: Cafe / Bar
  • Signature drinks: Flat White, Caravan Mocha, Cooper, Amigo, and Caravan Black Mojito
  • Price: P500 approx. for two people

With coffee shops sprouting like mushrooms here and there, Caravan Black distinguishes itself with a clean, crisp, and unpretentious approach. The space is warmly lit by vintage lighting, with classic brown leather arm chairs, cozy bar stools including two gold desk lamps, and a dial-up telephone from the 1940s era telling you you’re in another place and time. In fact, their logo, the bowler hat, brings to mind the central business district of a time long past. The hat was then the symbol of the worker, whether one was a CEO or an employee. And the one delight all workers enjoyed was having a splendid cup of coffee.

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The café’s name is a homage to the origins of coffee, which was once transported through long and perilous journeys by caravan. Owner and co-founder Miguel Rodriguez says with candor, “We won’t say we’re the best, but whatever comes out of the bar is made with the best intentions of the baristas.” He adds that they aim to serve, “an honest cup of coffee.”

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When asked about how they are different from all the other coffee shops out there, Miguel easily blurts out what could be their official tagline, “We don’t make coffee for everyone, we make coffee for you.” Unlike other establishments that push their bestsellers, Miguel won’t just serve anything without immediately inquiring about your mood and preference for the moment. Now, that’s customized coffee on top of quality.

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Potato Puffs
Potato Puffs
Gooey Cheese Melt
Gooey Cheese Melt

To be diverse, Caravan Black serves up a whole variety of exciting spiked coffee drinks, so even when it’s late at night and you’re dying for that coffee fix, you get your caffeine blended with your alcohol. Try the Espresso Martini and Beantown, and you’ll surely enjoy the best of both worlds.

We recommend these Caravan Black signature coffee drinks:

Caravan Black Mojito
Caravan Black Mojito

Caravan Black Mojito – This original signature cocktail created by professional mixologist Larry Guevarra stands out with refreshing bursts of flavors such as lambanog, cold brew coffee, soda water, and mint leaves. To be sipped slowly and surely for a beautiful night cap.

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Flat White

Flat White – This hot cup of coffee hits the spot with just the right amount of creamy froth and milk. The Flat White is the kind of coffee you drink when you need to get down to business.

Caravan Mocha
Caravan Mocha

Caravan Mocha – This rich hot coffee is made with a balanced blend of mocha any sweet tooth would appreciate. It is coffee with mocha and not the other way around. The Caravan Mocha can also be iced.


Cooper – Delivered in a beautiful cocktail glass, Cooper is a wonderful concoction of a shaken two-shot espresso with almond syrup and milk. This lovely cold drink is best taken when unwinding at midday during a bustling work week.


Amigo – A hot cup of brewed coffee, a hint of dark chocolate, and three big fluffy mallows, the Amigo is your perfect comfort drink, a true “amigo” you can rely on.

A bohemian spirit who's now exercising and enjoying her left-brain functions in a corporate world. Denise Roco will still forever be a writer and artist at heart. She wrote about the awesome coffee classics and coffee cocktails at Caravan Black, and looks forward to more drink explorations with DrinkManila.

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