One thing we like about Craftpoint’s packaging is the detailed serving suggestions on every bottle. While it’s trendy right now for beverage companies to say, “The way you want to drink it is the right way to drink it,” the team puts a lot of thought into creating unique and unexpected flavors and they want drinkers to have the best possible experience with their small-batch products.


We asked Craftpoint’s Aldous Bernardo for his own tips for tasting beer:

  1. No ice, please. “As Filipinos we grew up putting ice in beers, so that’s the first thing you shouldn’t do,” Aldous says. “That dilutes the flavor.”
  2. To properly appreciate the beer, put it in a glass—preferably tulip-shaped. “You don’t release the aromas if you drink it from the bottle.” The stem also keeps your hand from warming the beer.
  3. Serve it at the right temperature. Most of the Craftpoint bottles suggest serving the beer at seven degrees. Aldous doesn’t recommend serving craft beer below zero degrees because sub-zero temperatures numb the taste buds and affect carbonation and aromatic volatility. Don’t chill the glass, either.
Craftpoint owners Marvin Moreno, Aldous Bernardo, and Chip Vega
Redemption (a spicy Belgian stout), Revolution (an IPA Tripel), and Liberation (a spicy, fruity pale ale)

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