The laid-back vibe of the South took a backseat for the explosive launch of the first-ever Oktoberfest at Molito in Alabang. To briefly sum up the origin of Oktoberfest, we would have to credit the gracious Kronprinz Ludwig I who married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen back in October 12, 1810. Munich citizens were invited to celebrate the festivities of the royal union by the fields of the city gates.

Buono Vita offers their promos from the oldest brewery in the world
Buono Vita offers their promos from the oldest brewery in the world
A friendly chef from SOIL serves you up local gourmet delights with local and Spanish choice beer and wine

To echo the authentic Volksfest (beer festival and traveling funfair) as opposed to the local Oktoberfest happenings, which are more of a Pinoy rakrakan type event, the Oktoberfest at Molito was organized under white tents over the the beautiful grassy lawns of Molito where Southerners congregated by long picnic tables and enjoyed a literally and figuratively tasteful two-day experience. Guests were treated to a gastronomic ganz toll German platter by Brera consisting of bratwurst with sliced potatoes that mimicked reiberdatschi (potato pancakes), together with sauerkraut and blaukraut (red cabbage) and for dessert, none other than an apple strudel. More choices were in store at the food pavilion with feasts from Un Cuenca, Recovery Food, Buona Vita, Bernie by Nana’s Kitchen, modern dining from SOIL and trusty pulutan from Potato Corner. Within the food pavilion, the liquors overflowed from the beverage booths—there were special offers from premium draft beer Sapporo, fresh European beer from Draft, bottomless Sangria from Un Cuenca, good ole local beers from San Miguel offered by SOIL, and last but not least the big-bottled Weihenstephaner produced by the oldest brewery in the world from Germany offered by Buono Vita.

The night is still young at Molito Oktoberfest! Have a taste of beers, sumptuous meals and cakes at our Food Pavilion featuring Molito's tenants. See our DJs from Germany and Switzerland tonight. See also our live brass bands featuring OPM superstars tomorrow. Grab your tickets while they’re hot at the Molito Admin Office. Average ticket price: Php1,950 each For groups of 3: Php1,800 each For groups of 5: Php1,700 each For a table of 10: Php1,600 each Ticket entitles each holder to a German platter, Apfel strudel, a raffle entry, a seat at the private area, access to the dance floor and the live bands #Oktoberfest #Molitooktoberfest #IGalabang #Molitoalabangph #Alabang #Alabangbased #Alabangers #Prost #Volksfest #Frühlingsfest #Bier #MolitoLifestyleCenter #LoveYourLifestyle

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The first night kicked off with awesome blasting beats from carefully picked European DJs. Tom Turner from Switzerland stirred the evening to a steady start with his style of slick house music, followed by German DJ Mikhail Schemm, who took it up a notch with house hits leading to feel-good eighties tunes ending with disco favorites.

Jack Versus the Crab makes a fun noisy raucous

The second night was highlighted by loud and live brass bands that started with the musical genius that is Apartel led by frontman Jay Ortega, who infused his rock background to the soulful blues, after which, another sound trip to remember was Jack Versus the Crab, an 11-member band headed by Wax Joaquin, who dished out a foot-stomping, melodic, energetic performance that built up all the way to the funkadelic Northern Soul of the Flippin’ Soul Stompers led by Bing Austria that captivated the audience with groovy classics such as “Dancing in the Streets” and “Hard to Handle.”

The Flippin’ Soul Stompers ends the night on a high note with dazzling dance moves!

Corona promo models pushed their beer buckets while there was free sampling of the latest German drink craze Kleiner Klopfer—various flavors of mini bottle shots (17% alcohol) that you knock several times on the table before doing a bottoms-up.

The author holding the legendary oldest brew in the world
The new German knocker shot craze!

Molito marketing manager Ana Warren Gonzales gives her take on the German festival that has spread to the Philippines: “Oktoberfest has become ‘Filipinized’ ̶ each version is now something that Filipinos can identify with. Each version has changed so Pinoys can own it, enjoy it, so it’s something familiar. They feel comfortable; they can get together with friends, drink their beer, and eat their food, in venues they’re familiar with.” In connection with Molito as a venue, Ana shares, “Molito has always been relatively quiet… (but) lately, Molito has been going through a rebranding effort: parking systems are changing, the tenant mix is improving to cater to a wide demographic, and the ambience is improving to something more intimate, more familiar, friendlier, more fun… It’s been getting louder, little by little.”

There’s nothing like grabbing some Sapporo beer from a katana handle

From that cue, we excitedly cross our fingers that the next Oktoberfest at Molito will only outdo itself and be double the fun it already is. Prost!

A bohemian spirit who's now exercising and enjoying her left-brain functions in a corporate world. Denise Roco will still forever be a writer and artist at heart. She wrote about the awesome coffee classics and coffee cocktails at Caravan Black, and looks forward to more drink explorations with DrinkManila.

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