With the growing number of home brewers and microbreweries in the country, how do you know which craft beers are legit? How regulated is the industry? How do you know that the beers produced and packaged correctly and safely? Who oversees quality control?


Enter The PCK, an association that carries the “best of the best” craft beer breweries in Metro Manila. The collective brand aims to create a united community of craft brewers who can work together to boost the entire industry. Formed to create a craft beer revolution in the Philippines through a “pack,” its ultimate goal is to share the diverse talents of the best Filipino craft beer brewers with consumers.


The PCK’s brewers include Baguio Craft Brewery, Craftpoint, Crazy Carabao, Great Islands, Katipunan Craft Ales, The Laughing Carabao, Nipa Brew, and Pivo Praha. Its additional partners are MNLMIG and PACKing Corp.


As a rebranded entity of PT Corp., which specialized in B2B servicing, “the PCK will still offer the B2B services of PT Corp and direct selling to consumer via online transactions. To add to this, we will be having a unified marketing for the breweries that we have,” says integrated marketing director Kev Fernando.

The team of PCK
The PCK team and local brewers
PCKing Craft Beer Karitella

How does The PCK choose breweries to work with? “First qualification, of course, is the beer—how it tastes, the authenticity of their beer styles,” says Fernando. “We also look at their branding and how it will work in the market. Third is we go on a trip to check their facility and how they ensure that they produce quality beers for the market.” But the most important qualification, he says, is that the brewers are team players willing to work with other people to benefit the craft beer industry as a whole. In turn, the PCK’s breweries are set to benefit from the organization’s seal of approval, quality assurance standards, and marketing and distribution power.


Snakes and Ladders game during The PCKing night
The bar where people pour their own beers from the tap during the event
The PCK Projects we’re watching out for:

The Craft Beer Tasting Board: The craft beer tasting board will be served at restaurants when customers buy eight beers served in 245 ml mugs. The tasting notes will complement the board and have the information about the beers that they order.

PCKing Craft Beer Karitella

PCKing Craft Beer Karitella: A popup cart with sampling promos and discounts that will sporadically appear in restaurants.

The PCKegerator

The PCKegerator: A kegerator (beer refrigerator) program in establishments that’s also available for house party rentals.

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