Empi Light (Emperador Light) is usually either consumed neat or chased with cola during tagay sessions with friends. But it also works in cocktails. We used this spirit for a fun and quirky drink that’s sure to be a hit at your next Christmas party. Emperatriz is a sweet and refreshing cocktail that uses ingredients easily found in grocery stores. The basil adds a nice herbal aroma to the drink and the apricot jam gives it a fruity finish. You can substitute any jam or marmalade for the apricot, so it’s easy to shake things up with your own mix.

Glass: rock glass

Ice: round ice



  • 50 ml Emperador Brandy Light
    1 dollop apricot jam
    25 ml honey syrup
  • 3 pcs basil leaves
  • 15 ml lemon juice


  1. Clap basil to release its oils before adding it to the mixture.
  2. Add all ingredients in a shaker.
  3. Stir before adding ice to give the jam the chance to dissolve.
  4. Add ice to the mixture.
  5. Shake.
  6. Double strain into rock glass with round ice.

Video by Star Sabroso • Photography by Chapter One Studio • Food and props styling by Chichi Tullao 

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