New World Manila Bay Hotel (formerly Hyatt Regency Hotel) is one of the few must-visit places if you’re looking for a very specific experience. It is a deluxe hotel located at the heart of Manila with 376 rooms and suites that offer world-class amenities and guest services. The rooms particularly on high floors offer scenic landscape views of Old Manila or Manila Bay. The interiors from the lobby up to every corner and space of this hotel are Renaissance-inspired but elevated in such a way that technology is not compromised. A perfect balance of European elegance and modernity give you that “whole-new-world” experience this hotel is popularly known for.


Taking happy hour to a different level, New World Manila Bay’s bar, The Lounge, is a refreshing change from the almost too predictable drinking culture in Manila. While most people go to super clubs, there’s a large community of young professionals and expats who prefer a more curated drinking experience. As the name suggests, The Lounge pretty much allows in-house and walk-in guests to enjoy a laid-back vibe while drinking a plethora of different beverages, from the usual red and white wine and hard liquors to the more personalized cocktail drinks that perfectly fit your mood.

“The Lounge caters to the main lobby of the hotel, extending up to the 10th floor, which is the hotel’s VIP lounge area. It’s quite a small lounge bar but we’ve got everything a guest needs—good music, and the customized cocktail drinks which have been perfected over the years,” says Josefina Silvestre, New World Manila Bay’s Marketing and Communications Officer. “The management of New World Manila Bay Hotel has always been flexible and encouraging when it comes to the bartenders. We always encourage them to experiment and try something new. Of course, we help them by giving out tips based on trends,” she adds.


One of the reasons New World Manila Bay Hotel is a must-visit drinking destination is because their barmen have experience in making award-winning concoctions. Their top mixologist, Jessie Ray Clasicas, is a three-time world medalist in the prestigious World Cocktail Championship and the winner of last year’s Philippine Bartenders’ League—Bartenders’ Masters Series National Championship, Jessie is pumped up and excited to learn that more and more people are starting to discover The Lounge and his signature drinks.

Jessie Ray Clasicas

“I think it’s great that a lot of people are slowly recognizing and appreciating the talents of our local mixologists and bartenders such as myself,” he says. “I put so much hard work and time in perfecting these drinks.”

Jessie has always been fascinated with alcohol. He admits getting involved in drinking at a young age somehow had a big influence on him. Thankfully, that fascination quickly turned into passion when he became serious about mixology. “I learned everything back in college when I took up bartending classes but the whole creativity and experimentation came about when I first worked here at The Lounge,” he explains.

When asked about his favorite drink to make, he has this to say: “I love making fruit-based cocktails since the Philippines is a tropical country. Somehow, it allows me to create that visual representation of how culturally rich and beautiful our country is through the drinks I make, and foreigners love it.”

Now that summer and travel season is fast approaching, Jessie spends most of his bar time experimenting and trying out new drinks. He hopes to whip up yet another creative cocktail drink that will surely keep everyone coming back.

There are three signature cocktail drinks behind the bar: Cucumber Drop, Frozen Mango Mojito, and Lychee Nut Martini, all of which have been mainstay favorites. Now, if you think The Lounge and its award-winning bartenders have used all the tricks up their sleeves, well, you’re wrong! Just recently, New World Manila Bay’s The Lounge came up with four special cocktail drinks that could very well be their finest to date.

First on the list is Berry Slush. This is a tricky drink with so much of a creative twist on it. At first glance, you’ll think it’s a smoothie garnished with blueberries and peeled lemon skin but it’s basically a little devil in disguise. Made of Strawberrynaya, Triple Sec, raspberry puree, and lemon juice, this drink is perfect for ladies and gents and who just want to chill and have fun without having to worry about getting a hangover the next day.

Berry Slush

Up next is Lucky Verde. It may look very simple and non-threatening, but with few glasses of this, you’ll definitely cap the night in la-la land. A careful mix of Bombay, Apple Syrup, Midori, two slices of cucumber to spike the flavor, and lime juice topped with Sprite, Lucky Verde is the perfect drink for couples on a date or even for a group of friends on a night out. It’s strong but refreshing.

Lucky Verde

Third on the list is Manila Bay Sunset. Just by the name itself you know exactly where the inspiration came from. The color, smell, and taste of this best-selling cocktail will make you want to jump into the pool and get that sun-kissed tan. In fact, this is the kind of drink you’d want to get light-headed from while basking in the heat of summer. Manila Bay Sunset is made up of Absolut Blue, Midori, peach liqueur mixed with orange juice, grenadine, and guava syrup. Garnishing it with cherries, pineapple, and melon just makes the whole thing tropical in every way you can describe it.

Manila Bay Sunset

The fourth and the last – currently the hotel’s featured drink of the month – is Think of Rosie. Warning! This is not your ordinary pink ” drink. Inspired by mixologist Jessie Ray Clasicas’s grandmother’s obsession with palitaw (a flat sweet Filipino rice cake), Think of Rosie is uniquely crafted to bring out that sweet and nutty flavor that almost tastes like coconut milk. The bursting flavors of alcohol combined with the distinct taste of sesame seeds create an out-of-this-world experience.

Think of Rosie

“We got different reactions from first-timers and even from our oldest patrons when we first brought it to the table,” says Josefina Silvestre of New World Manila Bay Hotel’s marketing and communications team.

With so many competing bars all over the metro, Manila Bay has finally revealed its best-kept secret. An utterly “New World” where happy hour starts with your first sip.

New World Manila Bay is five-star hotel located at 1588 Pedro Gil corner M.H. Del Pilar, Manila, Philippines.

Seph is a self-confessed extroverted introvert. He loves food but he’s always on a diet. He likes getting drunk but complains the next day and vows not to drink ever again, but he’d repeat the same thing over and over. Professionally, he does public relations work for brands like Sperry, Keds, and Skechers. In his own perfect world, he would have wanted to be a travel photographer – to take photos and to meet new people.

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