We’re always on the lookout for new flavors and innovations in the beverage world—and new ways to drink them. A ready-to-drink whisky cola packaged in a convenient single-serve glass bottle, Andy Cola is emerging as the official “chillnuman” beverage for people seeking the refreshing taste of cola with a smooth whisky kick.

What we like about this versatile mixed drink that you don’t have to mix yourself is that it can be enjoyed in many different ways. What will work best for you? Match your personality type below for our serving suggestions:

1) The Hermit

You would rather be at home than at the hottest club full of noise, smoke, and sweaty people. Comfort is a major consideration for you that dictates the course of your leisure time. The highlight of your day is coming home, putting your feet up, and zoning out.

Serving Suggestion: Ice cold, straight from the fridge.

After you’ve changed out of your work costume and into something—you guessed it—more comfortable, take a bottle fresh from the fridge, pop the cap, take a deep swig, and have a relaxing evening.

2) The Perfect Host 

You like having people over at your place to create a memorable experience for your guests. You read people easily and have the gift of combining different groups of people to make a killer party. You have mastered the art of food pairing (which wine goes with what cheese, which kind of chicharon goes with what beverage). You are a gracious host and you make sure that everyone plays nice, shares, and doesn’t pull anyone’s hair.

Serving Suggestion: Meticulously arranged bottles in an ice bucket for the enjoyment of your guests.

As the perfect host, of course you always have a solid stock of booze. Set it up in a cooler with ice, an accessible bottle opener,and a designated receptacle for the bottle caps. Your guests can enjoy a nice, cold bottle at your party that everyone’s going to be Instagramming/Snapchatting all night long.

3) The Good Guest 

You are on everyone’s guest list. People like having you around. You’re fun, easygoing, and funny, and can be dropped in the middle of most social situations and engage in conversation with anyone about any topic, from the US President denying climate change to the latest The Voice breakout finalist.

You think fast on your feet and are good at reading social cues. You have been called thoughtful and easy to talk to. You’re that guest who actually helps clean up after the party.Serving Suggestion: A thoughtful gift presented to your host.

As a seasoned guest, you know that you should always come to the party bearing some sort of gift, be it food or booze or a token for the host.

4) The Level-Up

You are no alcohol newbie, but your experience has been limited. Sure, you’ve had your fair share of beer, and cheap liquor and mixers. You want to take all aspects of your life to another level—take the training wheels off, so to speak.

You are earnest and curious without being a know-it-all or pretentious (we’ve all met those kinds of people). You want to be more adventurous and keep up with trends by reading “new places to try in (insert hip or soon-to-be-hip location)” listicles. It’s time to graduate from wine coolers and Cornick and see what other options are out there.Serving Suggestion: With a big block of ice.

Since you are kind of in between novice and practiced drinker, try Andy Cola in a rock glass with ice (ice ball, if you want to be classier).

5) Tita-in-Training

You can’t escape the inevitable: you will become a tita (or tito) at some point. And that point is getting closer as years progress. You’ve decided to lean into it and become the best tita-in-training you can be. You’ve outgrown a bunch of crap from your younger days, you’re more comfortable in your skin, and you’ve lived a little. You’re fast appreciating the virtues of comfort over fashion, and are starting to favor going to places where you and your friends can actually talk. Don’t panic. You’re still fun.

Serving Suggestion: On the rocks with a lime wedge, sipped through a straw from a tall glass.

You and your other tita-in-training friends have traded in your ritual of pre-gaming in someone’s place before painting the night red for a quiet night of drinks, snacks (maybe finger sandwiches), and conversation. You’ll enjoy your Andy Cola poured over a tall glass with ice, garnished with a lime wedge and a reusable stainless steel straw, talking about past and present adventures, current events, brilliant ideas, and what to binge watch next.

6) The Free Spirit

You think outside the box and probably wear boots even during the summer. You tend to buck tradition, and have been called weird and/or intense several times in your life (not that you mind, or care). You are like Sophia in Girlboss—a natural at reinvention.

While you don’t really care about attention, you tend to grab it when you walk into a room. You like stimulating conversations about life, the universe and everything (Literally. And also the book.) with genuine people over drinks while listening to music by an obscure artist. Mainstream is not your thing and people only wish they could be like you.Serving Suggestion: On the rocks, topped up with extra Andy Player.

You’ll enjoy Andy Cola on the rocks, with a splash of Andy Player for a bit more of a kick.

7) The Wanderluster

You can’t seem to stay put in one place. The elders might say you have a mole on the sole of your feet or that your feet are itchy because you like to travel (not because you have some sort of fungi infection). You know how to fit a week’s worth of clothes into a standard backpack, with space to spare.

You firmly believe in spending your money on experiences and not things. You have a bucket list of places to visit and have a system of crossing out the places you’ve already been to (a scratch-out map, perhaps). You spend your time at home thinking of where to go to next.

Serving Suggestion: A taste of home with a twist.

It’s hard to find something constant when on the move. Why not make Andy Cola your go-to drink at home? You can even personalize it and add a squeeze of calamansi. When you feel homesick while in the mountains, beach, or wherever, you can drink Andy Cola and have a taste of home.

8) The Pulse

You have your finger on the pulse of trends. You are connected to everyone and everything. You are the person who knows what’s going on in various areas of the Metro every weekend. You’re the one people flock to for recommendations on bars and clubs. You may have been called “an influencer.”

You know your liquor well, and are a regular at beverage-related events. You see what people want or are ready for and can suggest places, things, drinks, that they would enjoy. You are at home whether you’re in a stylish bar with an exceptional cocktail menu or a house-turned-neighborhood-watering-hole that serves only ice-cold beers. You’re everyone’s “spirit” guide.

Serving Suggestion: With added edible garnishes for a personalized touch.

Being well-versed in the fine art of spirits, you know of numerous ways of serving drinks. You know how to enjoy a drink in different ways: straight up, on the rocks, with different garnishes, the sky’s the limit. Try adding a slice of lemon to the bottle or using sprigs, twists, and wedges for ornamental appeal. For you, the chillnuman possibilities are limitless.

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Photos by Star Sabroso 

Chrysmas is your go-to gal for all things involving alcohol. She maneuvers her way through the Metro's traffic in her black boots and fishnet stockings, scouring places where one can indulge one's self in libations of all kinds. From Poblacion to Pasay, Malate to Makati, Tagaytay to Taguig. Ask her where to go to get your choice of poison and chances are she's already there holding a good stiff drink in one hand and a pen in the other.

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