Imagine this: you’re out in the wilderness, surrounded by wild animals, with unstable cell phone service and friends with below-average sense of direction. That’s the perfect example of adventure and the best way to conjure trouble. But admit it, we love getting ourselves into a bit of adventure. And what better way is there to spend time with friends than turning your day into an adventure party with a glass of chilled sangria? Throw in a picnic blanket, a tray full of cheese and cold cuts, that one friend who can play ukulele, a good conversation under the sun—you’re guaranteed to be feeling fancy AF!

Opening a bottle of Lolea unleashes unexpected magic

The world has come to love sangria—a punch that traditionally consists of red wine and chopped fruits. Every Spanish town has its own recipe and unique blend that’s been passed down for generations; that’s how serious these Spaniards are when it comes to their sangria. In fact, it plays a pivotal role in their tourism. Imagine a Spain without sangria. Sad, right?

And without a doubt, to the whole world, sangria is considered one of the most popular party kick-starter drinks because of its refreshing taste that is synonymous with summer. And that’s exactly what happens when you pop open a bottle of Lolea: it conjures images of the beach, the scorching heat of the sun, the excitement and joy you see from the people around you. It’s like magic.


More than just a brand of sangria, Lolea represents what it truly means to enjoy life. It’s nothing unusual that in Spain, wine is the symbol of social gatherings and celebrations. Going back to the middle ages, Hippocras (red wine flavored with spices) was a very popular drink throughout Europe. Back then, water was often considered unsafe to drink. Therefore, the only safe liquid to drink had at least some alcohol in it that would kill bacteria. Thus came the evolution of traditional red wine. In essence, that’s how sangria came about. Fast forward, sangria has become popular in Spain and across the globe. The base of sangria is usually a blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and merlot. Brandy and fruits are added to the red wine punch to elevate the taste.

A bottle of Lolea is made up of 100 percent wine and other natural ingredients

What started out as a passion project for a group of friends quickly became a global brand, transforming a typical wine mix into a staple party drink. Currently, Lolea is being exported to 56 countries worldwide, producing around 1.5 million bottles per year.

Lolea prides itself on delivering high standards of quality and preserving hundreds of years’ worth of tradition.

“What makes Lolea so special is the production process itself. We only use the finest Spanish wine in the market mixed with natural ingredients, and that’s very hard to come by these days where everything is commercially available for convenience but sacrificing the most important thing—quality,” says Hugo Mazel, Lolea’s Export Manager.

Lolea is a ready-made cocktail. Ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Lolea found its way to the Philippines last year and is available through Terry’s Selection, the brand’s major distributor in the country. According to Mazel, the wine market in the Philippines is starting to open up and this is where Lolea is coming in, pushing the envelope even further by introducing a ready-made sangria. “What we’ve done here is a game changer. Homemade sangrias are always good but the task is so daunting and probably too scary for some. With Lolea, it gives you comfort knowing that nothing could go wrong. There’s consistency in terms of flavor which is the most important thing when making sangria”, Mazel adds.

Lolea is available in two variances: red and white wine based


Young, rowdy and Instagram-ready Millennials are now changing how alcoholic beverages are being marketed and Lolea is at the forefront of this. Acknowledging that Millennials and young professionals make up its biggest market share at the moment, the brand is taking the necessary steps to make sure they have the best presentation.

Lolea’s visual design is perfect for your Instagram feed goals

“Visuals are very important. It’s one reason why young people like Lolea,” says Mazel. “Apart from its remarkable taste, we made sure that the whole look is worth sharing on your social media. We put so much effort and thought in creating that distinct, vibrant, and clean look that would appeal to a wide range of consumers.”

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