Here are three boozy hot drink recipes to get you through the chilly “ber” months:

1) Spiked Hot Coco

This decadent treat is something that will warm anyone’s heart. Sweet, creamy, with a deep chocolate taste, this indulgent beverage will make you forget your holiday stress and embrace the Christmas spirit. If you want to make the occasion merrier, a splash or two (or three, we won’t judge you) of cognac will do the trick.

Click here for full recipe of Spiked Hot Coco

2) Dr. Daniels

It is said that bourbon has some health benefits, as it can protect your heart and battle the common cold. Dr. Daniels is here to cure whatever ails you. We cannot get over how divine it smells. When you make it, your kitchen will smell like a cross between a teashop and a cake shop. You’ll never want to leave. This is a comforting concoction made of Jack Daniels, almond milk, honey, vanilla, chai tea syrup, nutmeg, ginger and star anise, crafted to make anyone feel better. It’s a hug in a cup.

Click here to watch recipe video of Dr. Daniels

3) Hot Rum

Who said alcoholic drinks always have to be cold? This Hot Toddy is a welcome respite from the wet weather. This rum-based drink will warm you up on chilly nights. The combination of cinnamon and nutmeg gives it an earthy aroma and flavor, with a hint of citrus from the lemon. When you think of drinks, maybe one of the last ingredients you would think to put is butter, but that’s exactly what we added. It resulted in a smooth, silky, almost creamy texture that makes you smack your lips and keep you wanting more.

Click here to watch recipe video of Hot Rum

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