Sick hip-hop beats, battling DJs, a crazy crowd, Red Bull, some liquor—mix it all up in what many consider the best club in the Philippines and you’ll get a night that you will surely remember. A crowd of nearly 1,000 people attended Red Bull’s 3style DJ Championships at Valkyrie at the Palace, BGC. People from all over the metro stayed out late on a Thursday night to witness an epic battle among six of the best DJs in town. The prize in contention? A chance to represent the country at the 8th Red Bull 3style World Finals in Krakow, Poland and earn some good ol’ bragging rights as the reigning Red Bull 3style Philippines champ.

Prior to the finals, aspiring DJs submitted five-minute videos showcasing their skills, originality, and style while incorporating different musical genres in their sets. After some deliberation, Red Bull narrowed it down to the final six DJs: Katsy Lee, Kouta Kutsuma, Jan Musa (D’Mad Tweaker), Charles Angeles Jr. (iNBiTuiN), Novel Fortich (Short), and Gary Bonita (DJ GFlip) made the cut, and all had the opportunity to battle for the national title.

3style National DJ Championships at Valkyrie at the Palace, BGC
Judges DJ Carlo Atendido, DJ Bye, and DJ Hedspin

The judging panel was made up of three former competitors: DJ BYTE, who won the Red Bull 3style world title back in 2015, DJ Carlo Atendido, who is a two-time 3style national champ, and finally, DJ Hedspin, who won the world title back in 2011.

Finalists Charles, Jan, Katsy, Gary, Novel, and Kouta

Each DJ was given 15 minutes to throw down the hottest routine they could possibly come up with to impress the judges and the huge crowd in attendance. As you can probably imagine, the competition was pretty intense from start to finish. Music from almost every musical era was showcased by every competitor, but ultimately it all came down to one dude: Charles Angeles Jr., aka iNBiTuiN, who pulled off an almost perfect set and enthralled the crowd for the entire 15-minute showcase. Kouta Kutsuma and Jan Musa took the first and second runners-up spots, respectively.

Top 3 winners DJ Kouta,DJ Charles,DJ Jan
Red Bull 3style National DJ Champion Charles Angeles Jr., aka iNBiTuiN
Red Bull 3style champion 2011 DJ Hedspin and 2017 winner DJ Charles

And on to the drinks: they were very straightforward, and rightfully so! If you find yourself in a pit with few hundred rowdy people who are all, including you, looking to stay loose all night at the club, you don’t want to see yourself holding a fancy drink with a huge fruit wedge and a tiny umbrella in a salt-lined martini glass, right? Sure, you can have a beer and chug it straight from the bottle, but not all of us are down with that.

Red Bull and vodka servings all night
Redbull vodka

Because this was a Red Bull event, it was only right to keep things simple. Basically, we took the route of mixing Red Bull and vodka. The brand of alcohol changed a few times throughout the evening, but the classic combination remained the same. To sum up the evening in just one sentence, some people we overheard outside the club said it best: “I’ve never had this feeling of wanting to sleep in my Uber and jog all the way to my house at the same time.”

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