The holiday season is all about reunions and catching up with good ol’ friends, and what better—and more fun—way to celebrate history and friendship than with throwback drinks from your college years?

Here are a few certified tito and tita drinks that deserve to be reintroduced.

  1. Rum Coke

It was the defining drink of Generation Y, who grew up during the ’90s. A staple during house parties, there was always that designated person mixing Coke with Tanduay to make what is more commonly known as rum coke. It was so cheap that we could afford it on a student’s budget, but also strong enough to make us cringe at the memory of our deadly personal hangovers. Luckily, we can hold our liquor better now. Today, enjoy an elevated version by swapping Tanduay with Jack Daniels.

  1. Gin Pom

This cocktail made of gin, pomelo juice powder—hello, Tang—and crushed ice was one of the popular concoctions back in our rebellious pre-legal drinking age days. At the time when the popular juice brand released their litro packs, people quickly came up with an ingenious way to use all that juice powder. Plus, it was pretty in pink. But now, because we’re so tita, we use real ingredients by juicing the fruit and even add a little wedge of pomelo for garnish. Experiment with other types of fruits and herbs like this recipe.  

  1. Cali Shandy

Cali Shandy definitely brings us back to our yesteryears when it was a popular hit (in the ’90s). It had so little alcohol content at 0.5% that it could be considered non-alcoholic, but it also almost tasted like beer so that made us feel like we were getting away with something naughty. Pretending to be grown up as we chugged down a bottle was our definition then of adulting. Who knew adulting would be so hard now?

Now, you can try more age-appropriate drinks like Blame It on the Heat, a frozen shandy made with fresh lemon juice, orange juice, calamansi juice, agave, and Engkanto stout bear. (HYPERLINK: ref:

  1. Flavored Lambanog

We spotted bottles of it on the outskirts of Manila, lined along the highway, stacked on shelves with the trademark reused water plastic containers. Some of us even thought it was vinegar. As inhabitants of a tropical country producing plenty of coconuts, Filipinos found a way to extract lambanog, a spirit well known for its potency from coconut. By adding prunes, langka, and bubblegum, flavor variations were made resulting in different colors, smells, and tastes. When it comes to even drinking, don’t forget to support local! Certain local distillers are bringing back the hype behind Pinoy booze such as Barik Lambanog and Lakan.

  1. Mindoro Sling 

When in Puerto Galera, do as the locals do. Named after the province where this prime beach is located, the Mindoro Sling consists of vodka, Tanduay rum, and three different kinds of juices, preferably lychee, strawberry and mango. Other variations use the Four Seasons juice flavor, or pineapple and lemon. Whatever the juice, it’s a tropical party in a glass.


  1. Sarsi with Egg

What came before all the milk teas and Frappuccinos was this classic drink for a curious generation. Carbonated beverages and eggs, who knew they went well together? The kids of the ’80s or ’90s are sure to have tried this frothy concoction made from Sarsi and raw egg. Yes, you read it right–raw uncooked egg, which makes the soda creamier and custard-like. Top with ice cream and you’re good to go for lots of sugar, fizz, and bubbles.

video credit: Rain Contreras (Published on Apr 28, 2009)

  1. Insomnia 

This cocktail was invented back when Gatorade was the go-to sports drink. Mix gin, preferably GSM Blue long neck, with some ice and Sprite, then pour in Gatorade Blue for the desired blue color. We definitely had a hard time falling asleep because this drink fueled endless nights of laughter and revelry.

Today, energy drinks with alcohol still exist, and as dangerous as it may sound, people still partake of these libations. One of the latest to appear is the energy cocktail Blaster, an energy drink twist introduced by Agwa de Bolivia, which you can now find in Bodega Kitchen and Bar. It’s made with the infamous Amsterdam Coca Liqueur (made from the coca leaf) and an energy drink.  

Blaster with energy drink and Agwa de Bolivia
  1. Punyeta

Whether it’s because you curse out loud after taking a shot or bemoan the evils of your hangover the next day we don’t really know the origin of the name, but we remember what’s in it. Made with pineapple juice, the “lapad” Tanduay—so named for its distinct small wide body—and lots of ice with a little bit of iced tea powder, this cocktail is as hard-hitting as its name.

Punyeta has been revived by Destilleria Limtuaco’s Manille Pop-up Pub in Poblacion. This time around it’s made with Very Old Captain Rum, black tea reduction, lemon juice, spice syrup, and pineapple juice. Check out the pop-up store, which is open until Feb 2018.

Destilleria Limtuaco’s Punyeta (Very Old Captain Rum, black tea reduction, lemon juice, spice syrup, pineapple juice)
  1. Boracay

Because Baileys was so expensive and yet so yummy, we had to come up with our own cheaper version of it. Invented in Boracay, hence the name, this reinvented drink is made with Tanduay or Emperador, one sachet of instant coffee, and condensed milk for a sweet, creamy, and delicious cocktail. A similar variant is the Kagatan, which is made of KApe (coffee), Gatas (milk), and TANduay.

  1. Cosmopolitan

Popularized by the HBO series Sex and the City, which captivated the world with its open talk about sex, relationships, and female friendships, the Cosmopolitan was the bar favorite of Carrie Bradshaw and her three best girl friends. While this sexy, fruity, citrusy cocktail may have been all the rage in the late ’90s to early 2000s, these days it brings out the tita in us as we’d rather sit down and gossip with the girls than dance the night away. See Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe. 

  1. Piña colada

It’s a cocktail that’s been around for so long it might make us feel like more of a nanay than a tita. But this sweet mixed drink with rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice is the perfect summer pick-me-up, garnished with either a pineapple wedge or a maraschino cherry, or both. It’s a tropical party in a glass that won’t make us miss the sweaty bodies crowded in jam-packed clubs.

If you want to put a twist to this classic drink, try these.  

  1. Super Submarine

Though its name may not be familiar, you’ve probably tried this legendary mashup. Here’s a drink that brings together all that patriotic titos and titas love: Red Horse beer and lambanog. A staple at Penguin (RIP) in Remedios, Malate, this drink is a balanced blend of sweetness and strong, malty bitterness that finishes with an immediate and abrupt kick. Check out the recipe here.

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