• Location: 2/F Pwesto Community Mall, 56 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio, Quezon City
  • Contact Number: +63 921 271 2264
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Price per head: P200 for drinks; sessions and consultation costs vary
  • Signature drinks: Bulletproof Coffee, Tiger’s Eye, Fresh Ginger Tea, Fresh Lemongrass Tea

Christmas songs have finally stopped playing on a loop at the malls and all the lights, glitter, and tinsel have been put securely back into their boxes. It’s the start of a brand new year and it’s time to make those resolutions (and hopefully keep them this time). The New Year brings out feeling of hope and new beginnings. It’s basically the ‘Monday’ of the year (you know, because you always want to start that diet on a Monday/because ‘I’ll start my diet/workout/paper on Monday). Take this fresh start to set good habits and become a better version of you. For most of us, practicing self-care and deepening spirituality is at the top of the New Year’s resolution list.

Love and Light Energy Café services

Living in the city can be quite stressful. We can get bogged down by or caught up in the every day grind, making it hard for us to practice self-care. Love and Light Energy Café, which opened last December in Pwesto Community Mall in Quezon City, offers a reprieve from the mad world we live in and promotes health and balance. Tucked into a quaint complex of specialty boutiques, restaurants, cafés, eateries, and even a co-working space, Love and Light Energy Café welcomes anyone and everyone to refresh their spirits and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of city life. They offer something special; the café houses a select group of healers and teachers with different specialities (ranging from acupuncture to Tarot card reading) to share their practices with those in need of energy uplifting. And of course, enjoy a good cup of coffee as well.

The café’s doors are open to anyone and to all practices and modalities. It’s a small space packed with good energy. You’ll feel it as soon as you enter the calming yellow interiors. Soft mood music is played in the background and the scent of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. Salt lamps, crystals, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, are displayed for sale on the shelves. Books on spirituality and higher learning are also stacked on the shelves for customers to peruse. There is a loft and two rooms where healers can conduct sessions and consultations.

Salt lamps, crystals, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, are displayed for sale on the shelves.

Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Guardian Angel Tarot Cards for highly sensitive people who wants to hear messages in sweet, accurate, and detailed answers from their reading
Enjoy a cafè latte and browse through the for sale selections of crystals, stones, Tarot Cards, and Angel Cards
View from the loft

Kindred spirits Hazel Señeres, Joshua Borja, Wilma Galvante, Gigi Lara and Celine Clemente, decided to open a café that offers something unique. “All of us are into higher learning and spirituality,” Hazel shares. “We decided to have something different, because in this area, there are already different coffee shops.” Hazel, a Reiki healer, ThetaHealer, and Pranic healer, is not a newbie when it comes to coffee shops, as she had three coffee shops before (Original Filipino Coffee and Our Father’s Coffee). But their main draw isn’t their coffee. “Our primary product is actually the healing,” says Hazel. They set up the place almost like a clinic, where each of the healers is an energy doctor with specialties.

L-R: Al Cerbo (Barista), Tato Malay (Inspirational Speaker), Yeyette San Luis (Sound Healer), Rhegan Calimotan (Barista), Anna Liza Gatucao (Theta healer), Hazel M Señeres (Owner/General Manager), Joshua Borja (Tarot Reader/ life coach), Ferdinand Dayro (Acupuncture), and Jennifer Roc Guasis (Graphologist)

The menu is simple and straightforward. They serve coffee, herbal teas and some pastries. Head barista/baker (bakerista) Al Cerbo, who has been with Hazel since Our Father’s Coffee, makes fresh baked pastries every day and brews great coffee. We sampled his Belgian chocolate muffin with malunggay, which was delicious and filling, without the heaviness you feel after eating baked goods. They can also suggest beverages if you’re feeling under the weather. “We offer a selection of herbal teas,” says Hazel. “If they have an ailment or whatnot, we have different concoctions of teas to help them out.”

Their Energized coffee is organic and sourced from Benguet (80% Arabica, 20% Robusta). They meditate on it and send positive energy to the coffee beans to infuse your cup of java with some good vibes. They also sell them in packs, so you can enjoy Energized coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Here are our favorites from the Love and Light Energy Café beverage options:

Bulletproof Coffee Made with their Energized coffee, virgin coconut oil and grass-fed butter, blended together to get that creamy consistency. It almost looks like a cappuccino, with foam on top. You pull the coffee through your lips and you taste that deep coffee flavor with a hint of coconuty sweetness.

It has no bitterness and is not acidic. It gives you energy, keeps you full for a long time, boosts cognitive functions and maintains mental clarity. Plus, it’s Keto diet-friendly. What more can you ask for?

Tiger’s Eye Named after the crystal because they share the same hues, this is cold drink is caffeine to the extreme. Made of iced energized coffee, with espresso ice cubes, condensed milk, fresh milk and an extra shot of espresso, Tiger’s Eye is sure to keep you buzzing for quite a while. This is the boost you need when you feel the afternoon siesta mood creeping in and will keep you going until late evening.

Tiger’s Eye

Fresh Ginger Tea – This invigorating iced tea is sweet but has a lingering spicy ginger finish. It has fresh ginger cut into thin strips, which you can chew on for a more intense ginger flavor.

Fresh Lemongrass Tea When the temperature rises or when your blood starts to boil, this refreshing drink with a base of black tea, mixed with lemongrass extract, lemon, raw sugar, and garnished with lemongrass that you can use as a stirrer will cool you down.

Fresh Ginger Tea and Fresh Lemongrass Tea

“Our goal is to elevate, inform, heal, and educate people,” continues Joshua Borja, who is also a healer. “People can come here to relax, hit the pause button on the world, recharge and reset.” They have big plans for the café. “The main mission of the Love and Light Energy Café is to put up a pillar of light in Quezon City. We want to share our positive energy in the whole of Quezon City and then eventually branch out to other parts of Metro Manila, wherein those centers will create and share positive energy and healing energy to the whole area,” he shares. “We want to create a grid of positive energy within the whole of Metro Manila.”

It might sound farfetched, and some might be sceptical about the premise of the place, but a lot of thought and care was put into establishing the café. Joshua, the head healer of Love and Light, spent months deciding on their line-up of trained and gifted healers. “I asked my healer friends for recommendations. Then I meditated on the names, to see who would resonate with Love and Light,” he shared. “We all bring something unique to the table and we all encourage each other to further improve our practices.”

They hold different kinds of workshops and lectures promoting higher consciousness. They also have by-donation sessions and workshops as well, so those who can’t afford or commit to paying for a full session can get a taste of what they have to offer. Yoga classes will be available eventually.

With such good intentions and a unique combination of café and healing center, we hope that Love and Light Energy Café achieves its goals of spreading positive energy to the whole of Metro Manila, one café at a time.

Here are the services offered by Love and Light Energy Café:

Numerology, Life Coaching and Intuitive Reading, Energy Clearing/House Cleansing

Joshua Borja

Joshua Borja, one of the partners of the café, is one of the most sought after life coaches in the country. His specialties include: Intuitive Numerology, which offers insights into one’s character, and even predict their future. Numerology aims to help people lead more successful lives by revealing the obstacles embedded in their numeric makeup; Life Coaching and Intuitive Reading, a focused healing and deep coaching session on any topic through the use of Tarot Cards with topics that are up to the client, varying from blocked energy and past trauma, or working through a current hardship, to helping a client activate their highest potential and life’s work; and Energy Clearing/House Cleansing, removes and clears any negative energy within one’s living space.

Intuitive Numerology
Life coaching and intuitive reading through the use of Tarot Cards


Jennifer Roc Jove- Guasis with Hazel Señeres

Find out what your handwriting says about you and how to become more abundant. Graphology, or handwriting analysis, it is a unique and intriguing method of self-awareness revealed in simple strokes on pen and paper. Jennifer Roc Jove- Guasis, founder and President of Philippine Graphological Society Inc. specializes in handwriting analysis. Through your own handwriting samples, she offers you deep insight into your character, and teaches you how to become more prosperous and abundant.

Holistic Healing (ThetaHealing)

Anna Liza L. Gatucao

ThetaHealing is a technique that enables you to effectively deal with physical and emotional issues that are occurring or have occurred in your life. It trains your mind, body, and spirit to clear limiting beliefs in order to live life with positive thoughts and can have amazing effects on your health and vitality. Anna Liza L. Gatucao, a holistic healer, a certified ThetaHealer and Medical intuitive, provides this service.


Ferdinand Dayro applying acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that dates back 4,000 years. It can help to resolve pain, improve sleep, digestive function, and also offer a sense of well-being. Ferdinand Dayro has been a licensed acupuncturist for 14 years and is involved in the study and practice of Traditional Oriental Medicine. He holds a degree of Master of Science in Asian Health Practices from the University of the East. Through Acupuncture Therapy, Ferdinand will stimulate specific points on the by needling, to release the blockages and improve the body’s function, igniting the body’s natural self-healing process.

Sound Healing Massage

Yeyette San Luis

Oyayi sound healing massage is beneficial for a variety of issues including stress and pain management as well as emotional imbalances. It is also a very helpful for expectant mothers to help prepare their mind-body for childbirth as well as part of postpartum care after childbirth. Yeyette San Luis, a sound healer, singer, composer and songwriter, specializes in Oyayi Sound healing massage. It allows the client to experience deep cellular relaxation through a combination of healing tones, vibrations and ACCESS bars. This session clears energetic blockages, restores a sense of peace and balance while promoting rejuvenation.

Yeyette San Luis applying sound healing massage for energetic blockages

Empowerment Lecture Series

Tato Malay

With his main goal to transform you into an invincible person by creating a new level of consciousness (kamalayan) and teaching you to think creatively using the whole brain and the universal mind, Tato Malay, through his lecture series, challenges and empowers people to change consciousness to face new needs and unmet potential. He is the founder of the I AM KAMALAYAN MOVEMENT and he will teach you how to remove the stumbling blocks to your dreams, and how to be a magnet of abundance and prosperity through his lecture series: A Course In Miracles, Science Of Mind, Conversations With God, How To Have A Star Consciousness, and KAMALAYAN: Become The Master Of The Universe.

Please call +63 921 271 2264 to set up appointments for sessions and consultations. Their next workshop is Do It Yourself Feng Shui with Aisa Jareles-Hewlett on January 14, 2018. Learn more at their event page https://www.facebook.com/events/2005788096343317/

For news and updates about Love and Light Energy Café follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @loveandlightenergycafe.

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