Another start to a new year, another set of resolutions. We know the saying that resolutions are meant to be broken, but these beer resolutions for a better beer experience are the ones you’ll stick to.

1. Be less of a tito or tita at parties.

Break the stereotype of titos grouping together and slowly but steadily draining that bottle of brandy and titas gulping down wine ala Cersei Lannister or congregating at Mary Grace, and try to loosen up more during parties.

2. Be a stickler about freshness.

When it comes to beer, fresh is best. Unlike aged spirits, it won’t do anyone any good to drink beer that’s been sitting on a warm shelf for over a year. Beers come with “best before dates,” so take note of that. If you always have a supply of beer at home, you might want to mark your bottles with the date that you bought them.

3. Enjoy nature and see more of the country.

Being in the city can be stressful. Indulge in your wanderlust and take a trip to any of the beaches and mountains in the Philippines. Don’t just watch the viral videos of internet stars discovering our beautiful country. See for yourself, and enjoy these new sites and sights with a cold beer.

4. Share a bucket, gain a friend. 


photo from Sam Mig Light Facebook page by @naxionaldiner

While booze in general is a social lubricant, beer, at its core, is a social drink that calls for company. A lot of bars serve beer by the bucket, to be enjoyed by a barkada (or someone who’s going through something). Why not broaden your social circle by sharing a beer or two from your bucket with a stranger? Who knows, they could be a good contact for business, your next significant other, or the partner-in-crime you’ve been waiting for.

5. Get healthier.

This is a staple in every person’s New Year’s Resolutions, and usually it’s the first one that gets broken. Make this year the year that it sticks, and achieve those fitness goals. Beer isn’t exactly a diet food, but thank goodness for light beer. You can still enjoy your beer and not be too worried about all those extra calories.

6. Try the beer-and-food thing.

Be an expert at food pairing. Filipinos love to eat while drinking, and finding the perfect pairing can turn a casual barkada inuman into a memorable and better beer drinking experience. Maybe even try cooking a dish with beer.

7. Make a beer calendar.

Take note of all the happenings and festivals that interest you and attend all of them. There are beer-related events throughout the year that you can choose from: tastings, concerts, fiestas, dance parties, food pairings, and festivals. Unleash your inner dance goddess or rock ’n’ roller and go to an event or two.

8. Be present.

In the age of Instagram, it’s difficult to do anything without capturing it first and sharing it on social media. It’s nice to document our lives, but sometimes it takes away from being in the present moment. How many times have you seen someone lighting their food (that’s getting cold) and finding the right pic angle for Insta Stories or holding up their phones (sometimes even iPads) at concerts to record the whole thing while watching the screen instead of the live music act? We’re so hyperconnected online but disconnected in real life. If you want to tell your friends and followers that you’re having a good time and show them what you’re drinking, take a quick pic and share it later. Beer is best with company. While with your friends and in times of extended drinking moments, be social, not on social media.

9. Actually track your beer consumption.

We’re all for having fun, but we also stress the importance of drinking responsibly and pacing yourself. It’s all about moderation, and knowing your own limits. Keep count of how many beers you’ve had throughout the night and see if you can establish a baseline of the right beer buzz between tipsy and inebriated and try to stay there. Your head and your reputation will thank you in the morning.

10. Find reasons to be grateful and celebrate.

2017 was rough for a lot of people and everyone is relieved that it’s over and we can get a fresh start. The New Year promises new beginnings and one can only hope that it’s all rainbows and sunshine all year round. But that’s not life. Amidst the twists of fate, seemingly endless problems in our country and whatnot, it’s good and healthy to reflect on the good things and remember to be grateful for them. There are still things to celebrate, and beer will always be there to celebrate with you.

Armed with these beer resolutions, we can’t help but be optimistic about the year ahead. Enjoy 2018 with San Mig Light, the country’s leading low calorie beer with only 100 calories per 330 ml serving.

Chrysmas is your go-to gal for all things involving alcohol. She maneuvers her way through the Metro's traffic in her black boots and fishnet stockings, scouring places where one can indulge one's self in libations of all kinds. From Poblacion to Pasay, Malate to Makati, Tagaytay to Taguig. Ask her where to go to get your choice of poison and chances are she's already there holding a good stiff drink in one hand and a pen in the other.

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