• Location: 2 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
  • Contact Info: +63 2 246-9069 local 548
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.
  • Price per head: P500 for two people
  • Signature drinks: 5ynco de Mayo, New Yolk City, Starboy, Cognac Velasco, Juniper’s Body

At 5ynco bar in Quezon City, you can drink in a place with the comfortable and homey vibe of a friendly speakeasy while satisfying your taste for adventure.


5YNCO began as five friends and their spouses who had the common vision of establishing a place where they themselves would like to hang out while trying concepts that they’d all been thinking about for a long time.

In the case of Mehmet Metan (or Met, as his friends call him) and his wife, Rechelle, who take care of operations and customer relations at 5YNCO, they had been taking notes during their travels about how they would improve different establishments they visited. Then they told themselves, “Hey, we have so many ideas. Why don’t we create our own place?”

It turned out that their friends had similar ideas. Last year, the different ideas were united in one reality in Sct. Lazcano in Quezon City. It hasn’t even been an entire year since operations began and the bar has already quickly gained a following, with customers flocking even on Mondays. They celebrated their first year anniversary last January and they had back to back Bacardi Legacy Finalists behind the stick doing guest bar shifts.

Maximum comfort

The interiors of the place don’t follow the usual industrial minimalist aesthetic that other bars tend to use, Met explains. He says it’s more maximalist, using key pieces that remind you of home. They also intentionally used a small space that’s accessible but far enough away from the noise of Timog and Morato. The music is set to a low volume and filled with crowd favorites that people can easily identify, nothing too out of this world. The playlist even has ’90s favorites. “We want people to go, ‘Hey! Remember this song? Remember that day when this song was playing in that year?’”

A gem

As much as it’s meant to be chill, it’s also meant to be a gem. Met wants people to feel like they’ve discovered something special and thus satisfy their thirst for new experiences. He and the owners are very conscious of how their guests love mixing things up in new ways. In the case of cocktails, they take this literally.

Thus, their drink selection is made up of classics, crowd pleasers, standards with twists, and original concoctions that have gained their own following.

Mixing old, new, standards, and specialties

There’s the reliable crowd favorite, the Mojito, which is one of Met’s own favorites. “Sometimes, I go behind the bar to make my own,” he professes. What makes their Mojito different? Everything is made from scratch. This simple yet effective refresher pairs well with their savory-salty Nach ’O Fast dish.

Mojito paired with Nach ’O Fast dish.

Their Negrocho, a spin on the classic Negroni that uses Bacardi 8, takes you to a different level of complex tastes (and alcohol content!). It pairs well with the Baconator: generous portions of bacon fried and battered with breading.

Negrocho paired with Baconator: generous portions of bacon fried and battered with breading.

They also have mocktails. The classic Pussyfoot is an intriguing blend that uses egg yolk to wrap the contents in a cloud of mystery, yet at the same time the use of mint, lime, and carbonated sparkling soda makes it very refreshing. This is best paired with Syp’s Sausage Medley, a dish named after one of the founders.

Pussyfoot paired with Syp’s Sausage Medley

Juniper’s Body goes well with Potato Wedges that are showered with Parmesan cheese. Juniper’s Body will not only make heads turn, it will keep you asking for more. It’s a refreshing citrusy blend, with cucumber and cranberry enhancing but not overpowering the Bombay in the drink.

Juniper’s Body paired with Potato Wedges

Met, who originates from Turkey, also has his own favorite anise liqueurs at the bar, which proves just how adventurous you can be at 5YNCO. A version of ouzo and the Turkish staple raki are available!

Their signature drink, the 5YNCO de Mayo, has already gained a following. It is made with Tequila, orange juice, grapefruit, and simple syrup. Met says that even if they change their menu once in a while, they will keep this as one of the stars of the show. Paired with Angus Beef Salpicao, the 5YNCO de Mayo offers an escape for the senses. It is all at once aromatic, frothy, and citrusy.

5YNCO de Mayo

The menu also rotates seasonal drinks for the holidays. One of the drinks from the holiday menu is aptly called Give Love, created by their bartender Alyssa Lorenzo, the drink is sweet, aromatic blend that can delightfully intoxicate you in more ways than one. The other is named after a famous character, Mr. Scrooge, created by 5ynco’s industrial partner Richie Cruz. The cocktail is spirit forward, bitter but with nutty and fruity notes.

Give Love– Bacardi 8, Pineapple juice, strawberry shrub, roasted almond syrup, 2 drops of sesame oil, and Campari infused with strawberry
Mr. Scrooge – Bacardi 8, coffee beans, Campari, Sweet vermouth, and 4 dashes of chocolate bitters

Guests who respect and protect

Met is very glad that 5YNCO is not just getting and retaining customers. He is very happy that his guests understand that the gem they have found has a concept that they are willing to respect, and even protect. He is looking forward to the possibility of opening a new branch (which he says will probably have a new concept, a different kind of gem this time), and the constant improvement of their drinks and food. They are very serious about the latter, since their bartenders regularly participate in competitions to improve their craft.

2 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St, Diliman, Quezon City

Can you put a number on that?

5YNCO is definitely a name to keep looking out for, and a name you’d always want to suggest to your friends as a hangout spot. With the number “5” embedded in the Spanish word which means the same, it certainly isn’t one to forget. The comfort and adventure they offer to every guest that comes through their doors, however, you can’t put a number on that.

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