It’s Father’s Day! Show dads your thanks and appreciation by making him a boozy treat that he will surely enjoy. Whether he likes a stiff, sour, or sweet drink, here’s a list of easy to make cocktail recipes the father of the house will truly enjoy.

1. Calibre Ocho

Recipe created by Bacardi Legacy finalist Ralph Allen Santos. The drink carries a light smokey note, sherry, toffee and chocolate flavors. This cocktail is perfect for dads who enjoy a stiff drink with a twist.

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2. Choco Martini

If your dad loves desserts, this one’s for him. It has a deep chocolate smell, it’s sweet and coconuty, with a chocolate-coconuty finish.

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3. Tapa Old Fashioned

A classic Old Fashioned with a meaty twist. Your dad will be thrilled with this one.The use of tapa fat washed in Jack Daniel’s whiskey adds a different dimension to the classic beverage. It’s what you expect a good Old Fashioned to be, with the added layers of savory flavor. Definitely worth a shot.

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4.  Miles Negroni

Recipe created by Tammy Tavera. This one is for the Negroni lovers, it is straightforward and bitter (it is a Negroni, after all) with a hint of vanilla and mint (from the Averna). The pomelo peel garnish adds a Filipino twist.

Miles Negroni

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5.  Frothy Whisky Sour

Recipe created by Lennon Aguilar, Head Bartender and Operations Supervisor of Food and Beverage at Discovery Primea. This is for dads who like his whisky paired with cigar. The smokiness of the whisky will hold its own against the intensity of cigars, thus making it a great pairing. The charred cinnamon stick stirrer adds an extra layer of flavor and aroma to the well-rounded drink.


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6.  Serbesa Cocktail

Tell dad to update his normal beer drink and enjoy this margarita + beer hybrid. It is a long drink you can nurse for a while, which gives you more time to spend with dad. The sweetness of the triple sec and simple syrup rounds out the bitterness of the beer. It’s a full-bodied yet balanced cocktail that is a step above enjoying plain beer.

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7.  Oscar Sour

Recipe by Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador Rian Asiddao. If you’re planning a late night movie marathon with dad, this caramel whisky sour is a perfect treat. It’s deliciously sweet and creamy with caramel notes, balanced by the sourness of the lemon. The caramel popcorn on top is a yummy treat while downing this frothy drink.

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8.  Unexpected

This recipe is created by Cedric Cello. If gin is more of your dads cup of tea, then he will love this crisp and herby cocktail. The cucumber slice garnish adds to the botanical scent and finish.

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9. Pocket Kings 

This cocktail recipe is created by City of Dreams Manila’s mixologist Sam Jeveons. The drink is inspired by the power of Kings in the game of Texas Hold’em Poker. It is spirit forward which symbolizes a show of strength and aggression. If you can’t make the recipe at home, you can always bring dad for a poker game at the casinos and order the drink as a treat.

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10. Nogroni

This cocktail recipe is created by Larry Guevara. A twist to the classic Italian Negroni, he switched gin with the local lambanog for a Pinoy twist. Impress dad with this unique concoction, this drink can be a great conversation starter!

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