Gin is on everyone’s lips, literally and figuratively. Gin is the hot spirit of the moment, and people can’t stop drinking it and talking about it. We know we haven’t.

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In celebration of World Gin Day on June 9, in partnership with Discovery Primea, Premier Wines and Spirits, and 8! Botanicals offered festive gin treats for gin enthusiasts, seasoned drinkers, social imbibers, and gin newbies alike.

Gin Masterclass

As a special preview of Discovery Primea’s World Gin Day celebration, intimate gin master class was held on June 7. Premier Wine and Spirits, led by brand manager Diane Reyes, showcased four very different gins to get to know and enjoy: clean and smooth London Dry Gin The Botanist, fruity and floral grape-based G’Vine Floraison, the briny (and the current favorite of some members of the team) Edinburgh Seaside Gin, and potent Navy Strength Cannonball Edinburgh Gin (at a whopping 57.2% ABV). 3/4 of G&T is tonic, the masterclass also featured the award winning tonic water, Fever Tree, to educate the guests about its flavor profiles and how to pair the right tonic for your drink. During the event, 8! Botanicals, a Gin and Tonic cocktail kit especially made for crafting cocktails to your taste was introduced. Each kit contains 8 essential botanicals, guides, and bar tools, to help you make the perfect drink. DrinkManila’s resident mixologist Icy Mariñas shared some tips on pairing gin with tonic, as well as picking the garnishes that can bring out the different flavors in your G&T.’s Editor-in-chief Tatum Ancheta introduces World Gin Day to the guests
Premier Wine And Spirits Brand Manager Diane Reyes
Fever Tree Brand Manager May Cabaron
Fever Tree Tonic Water and 1724 tonic
Seoul Abesamis, CEO of 8! Botanicals
8! Botanicals
DrinkManila’s Icy Mariñas
Icy Mariñas shows the guests how to make a classic gin cocktail with a twist. (Clover Club) Bears in the Club

World Gin Day

The masterclass was a mere sip compared to what was in store for World Gin Day itself. A special promotion for Gilarmi Lounge’s Gin and Tonic Buffet was set for 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., where guests got to choose from 15 special bottles of gin and explore guided recipe suggestions from using the 8! Botanicals Gin and Tonic Kit. From classic garnishes like lemon and rosemary to green bell peppers and fig, paired with different kinds of gin and tonics, you could go through the list of suggestions and find something surprising each time.

Gin Library at Gilarmi Lounge’s Icy Mariñas went behind the stick from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight to serve up some awesome classic gin cocktails with a fun twist: the earthy, lip-smackingly spirit forward Truffle Negroni, the tart yet sweet and chocolatey Bears in the Club, and the fresh and delightful Rocket Gimlet (with that Fontina cheese!). Gin cocktail lovers kept the orders coming for these fun and delectable cocktails. If you want to make the recipes at home, click on these recipes: Bears in the Club, Rocket Gimlet, and Truffle Negroni.

Icy Mariñas’s bar shift at Gilarmi Lounge
The Gilarmi Lounge’s Gin Librarians Claude, Albert, and Lennon
Gin and Tonic menu

8! Botanicals were on sale for a special price of P3,500 (P3,900 regular price)
DrinkManila’s bar shift menu
Icy Mariñas behind the bar
Bears in the Club (Plymouth Gin, Monin Raspberry Puree, lemon juice, egg white, Chocolate bitters, and orange bitters)
Truffle Negroni (Truffle Infused Botanist Gin, Campari, Mancino Sweet Vermouth, orange bitters, and orange peel)
Rocket Gimlet (Gin Mare, lime juice, simple syrup, arugula leaves, cucumber, and
slice of Fontina Cheese)
Neil Mercado, JM Rodriguez, and Mayor Pie Alvarez
Tatum Ancheta, Celina Fernandez, Lyza Dino, Lucille Sering, Rina Navarro, Niccolo Cosme, and Jane Villa
Diane Reyes, Rainier Mateos, Anthony Falcon, and Christian Jacobs
Frances Espinosa with Ami Valdemoro
Mickey Fenix, Chinkee Koppe, Margaux Hontiveros, and Troy Barrios
Victor Harry, Francis Libiran, Christian Jacobs, and Arsi Baltazar
8! Botanicals’ Jeff Saez, Seoul Abesamis, and Pat Bautista

Launch of DrinkManila Tastings

World Gin Day also marked the premiere of DrinkManila Tastings, DrinkManila’s new video segment that features the team taking on different drinking trends and reviewing new bottles and beverages picked up on trips abroad and at local groceries.

Tatum Ancheta, Jess Constantino, Icy Mariñas

In the first episode, DrinkManila’s editor-in-chief Tatum Ancheta, resident mixologist Icy Mariñas, and guest The Island’s senior marketing officer Jess Constantino taste and review 31 gins (in one day!) at Gilarmi Lounge’s Gin Library. Watch it here. 

Special thanks to Savoroso Inc. for the Monin Raspberry Purée. Gilarmi Lounge is located at the Ground Floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City or call (+632) 955-8888 or visit their website for inquiries and reservations.

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