The rising trend in food and beverage is the search for upscale choices offered at a reasonable price. In the world of coffee, it is marked by the surge of third-wave coffee houses. Now it is evident too in the world of beer—craft beer, that is. Nowadays, establishments are offering something more than your usual commercial beer, and people are yearning to explore these new delights.

Monkey Eagle Brewery

Privatus Private Dining, Manila’s premium catering business that delivers exceptional dining experiences, and Monkey Eagle Brewery, a microbrewery in the Philippines that makes world-class craft beers, present “Beer Appreciation 101: The Ultimate Local Craft Beer and Food Pairing Experience” happening on July 7, 2018 (Saturday) at 5:00 p.m. at Privatus Private Dining located at #8 F. Legaspi Street, Barangay Maybunga, Pasig.

Monkey Eagle Brewery Founder and Brewer Ricardo C. Lopa Jr., Privatus Private Dining Founder and Executive Chef Antonio Jose Reyes, Monkey Eagle Brewery Marketing and Sales Head Ricardo “Rich” A. Lopa III, Monkey Eagle Brewery Founder and Brewer Noreen Lao, and Privatus Private Dining Founder and Food & Beverage ManagerMark Anthony Marquez

The brainchild of founders and brewers Noreen Lao and Ricardo C. Lopa, Jr., the innovative microbrewery founded in 2014 has an ambition to shake up the local craft beer movement and to promote a modern craft beer culture in Manila. “Many people have a limited knowledge and understanding of craft beer and how it differs from commercial beers. Through Beer Appreciation 101, we can reach out to people by educating them on the basics of craft beer, the brewing process, the different beer styles and how each differs in taste, recipe, and the brewing process,” explains Ricardo “Rich” A. Lopa III, Monkey Eagle’s Marketing and Sales Head.

Monkey Eagle Brewery Founder and Brewer Noreen Lao

Rich sums up why he has such passion for craft beer. “A product of traditional brewing techniques, a craft brew is made with premium ingredients—high-grade barley and premium hops—that give its distinctive flavor and consistency resulting in unique beer styles. Commercial breweries produce mass-appealing beers. Microbreweries, on the other hand, create specialty beers in relatively small quantities. Craft beer is a whole new way to experience beer.”

Monkey Eagle Brewery Founder and Brewer Ricardo C. Lopa Jr.

With that said, it only makes sense to team up with a culinary brand that also aims to elevate the consumer experience. Privatus Private Dining, which is the brainchild of founders executive chef Antonio Jose Reyes, and food and beverage manager Mark Anthony Marquez, formed a powerhouse partnership together with Monkey Eagle Brewery to show craft beer enthusiasts and non-craft beer drinkers the transformative power of beer and food through education, experience, and enjoyment.

Discover different beer styles, flavor profiles, and how the potential interactions of craft brews and food create a sensorial dining experience. Navigate the curated five-course menu featuring Monkey Eagle Brewery’s flagship craft beers thoughtfully paired with Privatus Private Dining’s culinary creations that will please your palate.

Saison Farmhouse Ale paired with Pork and Salmon Sinuglaw

Saison Farmhouse Ale (7% ABV) is Monkey Eagle Brewery’s signature ale that emulates the original farmhouse ales of Belgium. As the French word for “season,” this beer was historically served in the late summer to weary harvesters. Crafted with an artisanal blend of herbs, it possesses a robust flavor with a hint of fruitiness. Pork and Salmon Sinuglaw is Privatus Private Dining’s version of the Filipino-Western ceviche of grilled pork and salmon belly tossed in picked vegetables and topped with pork and salmon crackling. The sweetness of the lager creates a smooth contrast with the sinuglaw.

Saison Farmhouse Ale paired with Pork and Salmon Sinuglaw; Blue Wheat American Pale Wheat Ale paired with Baked Oysters

Blue Wheat American Pale Wheat Ale paired with Baked Oysters

Blue Wheat American Pale Wheat Ale (7.25% ABV) is a medium-bodied American pale wheat ale with moderate hop bitterness and some fruitiness. This easy-drinking brew was named after the village where Monkey Eagle first set up shop and was designed to perk up warm afternoons, rain or shine. The fruitiness and flavors of this brew perfectly pairs with Privatus Private Dining’s classic and decadent baked Aklan oysters generously drizzled with bubbly, luscious cheese. The dry finish of this beer compliments the rich tastes of the oysters.

Potion 28 India Pale Ale and Pickled Smoked Quail Eggs; Burning Matt Pale Ale and Radical Wagyu Sliders

 Burning Matt Pale Ale and Radical Wagyu Sliders

Burning Matt Pale Ale (5.4% ABV) is a refreshing American Pale Ale with a citrusy hop aroma and maltiness. This brew was named after a good friend and fellow brewer who helped Monkey Eagle with the first steps of their brewing journey. This smooth and rather bitter beer can be enjoyed any time of the day and is best paired with Privatus Private Dining’s Radical-style sliders—grilled local wagyu patty topped with rich, flavorful crab fat sauce served on artisanal squid ink buns.

Potion 28 India Pale Ale and Pickled Smoked Quail Eggs

Potion 28 IPA (7.65% ABV) is an India Pale Ale with an intense hop flavor, assertive bitterness, toasty malt presence, and a medium-dry finish. This seemingly resembles a truth serum after a couple of rounds. Potion 28 is perfect for the craft beer enthusiast looking for the distinct taste of hops. The intense flavors and bitterness make this brew a great match with Privatus Private Dining’s quail eggs smoked in mahogany and aged in a sweet and sour brine. The caramel notes and nuttiness from this brew gives a surprisingly playful contrast with the pickled eggs.

In addition to its four flagship craft brews, Monkey Eagle Brewery will present a secret, experimental craft brew matched with Privatus Private Dining’s deluxe dessert. If you want to learn more about craft beer, this is your chance to do so! Plus, the food is carefully coupled to enhance your drinking and dining enjoyment to the tenth degree.

Monkey Eagle Brewery’s secret, experimental craft brew, a porter, paired with Privatus Private Dining’s deluxe dessert, Mini Lemon Cheese Cake with Sea Salt

The Beer Appreciation 101 fee is PHP800. For reservations and inquiries call (+63917) 629-7453 and (+632) 907-5457 or e-mail

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