There seems to be a National Day for almost everything, in the US alone there are over 1,500 national days. Well, today, June 23 is a special day dedicated for color pink and all it represents. So, If you’re not into wearing pink today or singing Pink by Aerosmith then here’s a list of fun pink drinks you can enjoy on this fun day! 

1. Gentle Gin-ebration

This recipe is created by Sam Webster. It is a fresh, floral, and citrusy cocktail. A gin blend packed with flavors and a cause for celebration!

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2. Aam-mazing Monsieur

This recipe is created by Liquid Concept’s Larry Guevara for the La Maison Cointreau 2016 competition under the theme “The Muse”. This drink is inspired by a French flair bartender named Nicolas Saint-Jean who won a flair bartending competition in Scarlett’s (Dubai) in 2001. NSJ (as he was fondly called) became a huge influence in Larry’s bartending career so he created this drink as tribute. This unique concoction uses Aam (homemade rice milk) as an ingredient. 

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3. Gin Pom

Gin Pom became a hit in the ‘90s when a popular powdered juice brand launched litro packs of pomelo juice and it was made readily available in convenient stores. The drink was so popular that the Radioactive Sago Project even released a song in 2004 entitled “Gin Pomelo” with repeated lyrics of, well, just “gin pomelo.” It doesn’t take a mixologist to make one. Just mix gin, water, powdered pomelo juice, and ice.

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4. Gin Pom Garden

Inspire by the quintessential Pinoy cocktail, Gin Pom, Gin Pom Garden is a fresh and well-balanced cocktail. It is sweet to the taste, floral, fruity, and tart with a hint of herbs from the gin’s coriander notes and fresh basil.

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5. Bitter Lady

This recipe was originally made by bartender Mickael Perron (current bar manager of the The Library at The Lanesborough in London) in 2004 for Plymouth Gin Sunday Industry Night cocktail competition by Flavour Magazine in London. It was inspired by Negroni, an aperitif that sometimes get too strong for some guests before dinner. Mickael created Bitter Lady with some ingredients of a Negroni but softer, sweeter, and creamier because of the egg white and honey. She may look delicate but this strong woman gives quite a punch. Negroni lovers would definitely love this one.

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6. Cosmopolitan

Sex and the City (1998-2004) was groundbreaking. No one had ever seen anything like it before. No show before it centered on the lives of four single women in their 30s. It openly discussed sex, tackled relationship hits and misses, and showed real female friendship. It dictated fashion and set trends. We all tried to see which ones in our group was the Carrie, or the Charlotte. The show (let’s just skip the movies) left a lasting impression on the culture, and their influence even reached the drinking world, where they made the Cosmopolitan the ultimate go-to cocktail. This fruity, citrusy, sexy drink is something you can enjoy by yourself, but it would definitely taste better with a group of friends.

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7. Weng-Weng

This drink, which is kind of like a Long Island Iced Tea when it comes to the number of spirits in it, is something that will surely get you buzzed in no time. Nobody really knows how the name came about. It’s said that it’s named after diminutive action star of the 1970s, Ernesto de la Cruz, who was better known as Weng Weng. Another story has it that the drink was called that because it’s the local slang for “totally wasted,” which, if you’re not careful and pace yourself, will happen to you. This cocktail is very spirit forward, and the alcohol balanced by the sweetness of the juices. Honestly, it kind of tastes like bad decisions.

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8. Die Beautiful

This cocktail is inspired by the internationally acclaimed Filipino film, Die Beautiful. It’s tart with floral notes and a hint of bitterness.

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9. Pretty in Pink

A classic spritz with a gin and strawberry twist. Hendrick’s gin goes well with strawberries and the sweetness of the strawberries cuts the bitterness of the gin, producing a sophisticated, berry-infused flavor. A must-have at any party. Your guests will love you for serving this.

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10. Pink Velvet

Unleash your inner bartender and impress your date with this romantic drink recipe. Pink Velvet has a unique floral note with a lingering sweet white chocolate finish, perfect to set the mood for your romantic evening.

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