After the success of last year’s events, and Discovery Primea once again celebrate Women’s Month this March with the Women and Tipple Series. Women and Tipple Series is a set of tasting events that will foster spirited conversations led by women about what women like to drink. These events will give women the opportunity to gather with bartenders, brand ambassadors, and other drink enthusiasts to try new spirits and cocktails and share a unique drinking and learning experience. is the first online magazine about drinks in the country. For over two years, DrinkManila has steadily gained a reputation for putting the spotlight on the beverage category, covering all aspects of drinking – from where to drink, what to drink, why we drink, and who makes our drinks. DrinkManila offers over a hundred easy-to-follow recipes and videos featuring a variety of local and imported ingredients and collaborates with creators from other industries to mount special events to broaden people’s knowledge and experience of drinking.

Badass women, editor-in-chief and publishing industry veteran Tatum Ancheta, and resident mixologist/restaurateur Icy Mariñas founded in 2016. Their love for drinks and drinking brought them together and inspired them to form an online magazine devoted to drinks.

The alcohol industry has had a steady increase in interest and participation from women over the years. There are many women brand managers, distillers, brand ambassadors, and bartenders that are carving their path in the field of drinks. Women are also taking upon themselves to learn more and get a better understanding of alcoholic beverages. For Women’s month, we turned the spotlight on the many women who are breaking barriers and creating a gender-equal environment in a male-dominated drink world.’s editor-in-chief Tatum Ancheta

Click here to learn about some of the influential women in our local drink industry. 

The first leg of the Women and Tipple Series 2019 kicked off on March 20 with an intimate craft beer tasting at Discovery Primea’s terrace bar, Edge. Guest’s got acquainted with the Champagne of beers, Lindemans Lambic Beers from Lindemans Brewery, a multi-awarded, family-owned brewery in the Pajottenland region of Belgium. Lindemans was founded in 1822 and brews the mother of all beers, Lambic, which is undoubtedly the oldest beer still brewed today. Utilizing brewing techniques from the 13th century, which uses spontaneous fermentation to give rise to its unique texture and flavor, they have been brewing Lambic beers for nearly 200 years.

Lindemans Lambic Beers–Faro, Kriek, Apple, Gueuze, Pecheresse, and Framboise

Read about our feature on women bartenders working behind the bar in leading local hotels, bars, and restaurants.

In the Philippines, Les Deux Belges exclusively distributes Lindemans Lambic Beers. During the tasting session, Les Deux Belges’ Romain Hotterbeex talked about the history and flavors of these brews.

Les Deux Belges Chief Drinking Officer Romain Hotterbeex

The highlighted beers for the evening were Lindemans Apple, Faro, Framboise, Kreik, Pecheresse, and Gueuze.

Drink Lindemans beer slowly and savor its aroma using a goblet

Lindemans Gueuze is a traditionally-brewed beer-style that originate from Brussels. This woody, fruity, magically musty spontaneous-fermentation beer aged in oak casks for up to two years before blending with young Lambic. The blend of young and old Lambic gives an exquisitely harmonious golden Gueuze with a distinctive fruity, oaky, wood rot and leaf-litter taste. It is the base beer for all Lindemans variants.

Lindemans Apple is a fruit beer with a delicate balance between the sweetness of red apples, the freshness of green apples and the sour-sweet character of lambic. The first taste is sharp and full-bodied, with sweet cider notes.

Lindemans Faro is a sweet lambic beer that has matured in oak for one year. It’s perfectly balanced with a sweet syrup taste and ample sweet-sour finish.

Lindemans Kriek is a sparkling cherry flavored brew. Made from one-year-old aged lambic and pure cherry juice, Kriek is deliciously fruity with the fresh flavor of whole sour cherries.

Lindemans Framboise is a lambic beer with powerful raspberry aromas. An excellent aperitif, this beer has a hint of caramel and a slightly sour finish characteristic of lambic beers.

Lindemans Pecheresse – This fresh fruit beer is golden in color, has a bright and full-bodied flavor as well as a delicate balance between the sweet taste of the peach and the sourness of the lambic.

Lindemans Lambic Beers–Framboise, Apple, Pecheresse, Kriek, Faro, and Gueuze

Attendees of the craft beer session took home one of these Lambic beers together with an Ocean Goblet Glass (courtesy of World Class Concepts Corp.) a perfect vessel to enjoy Lindemans at home.

Attendees of the craft beer session took home these treats from Les Deux Belges, Ocean Goblet Glass (courtesy of World Class Concepts Corp.) and sweets from Discovery Primea

After an introduction to these Belgian craft beers,’s mixology expert Icy Mariñas created cool cocktails behind the bar through a multisensory approach to drinking.

DrinkManila’s resident mixologist Icy Mariñas

Here are the recipes created for the night to highlight three of Lindemans Lambic Beers:


Click here to watch the recipe video

Amélie is a light and easy to drink highball-style cocktail. Named after the titular character of the whimsical French film, Amélie, this drink has a mix of nutty sweetness to it from the Frangelico and cinnamon, a hint of tartness from the green apple, and a bit of a bite from the vodka, which complements the Lindemans Apple Beer’s sweet cider notes. 

15 ml lemon vodka (Absolut Citron)
15 ml Frangelico
20 ml lemon agave syrup (mix equal part lemon juice and agave syrup) 
cinnamon powder
Lindemans Apple Lambic Beer 

Glass: Ocean Trinity Long Drink Glass

Ice: Highball Ice 

Rim highball glass with cinnamon powder, set aside. 
In a tin shaker, pour in vodka, Frangelico, and lemon agave syrup.
Add ice and shake.
Strain into a highball glass and add ice.
Top with Lindemans Apple.
Garnish with green apple slices. 

Madame Bovary

Click here to watch the recipe video

Madame Bovary takes its name from the controversial book by Gustav Flaubert about a woman who wants to escape her boring provincial life. This sophisticated cocktail balances fruity sweetness with herbal notes. The depth of flavor works well with the dry sweetness of Lindemans Faro. Like the character that inspires this drink, Madame Bovary is intense, complex, and hard to resist.

Madame Bovary
15 ml brandy
15 ml orange juice
15 ml pineapple juice
10 ml cilantro cardamom syrup
2 dashes orange bitters
60 ml Lindemans Faro Lambic beer 
Pour all ingredients except Lindemans Faro in a shaker.
Add ice and shake vigorously.
Fine strain into coupette and top with Lindemans Faro beer.
Expel oils from orange peel and garnish with fresh cilantro leaves clipped to the side of the glass.

Cherry on Top

Click here to watch the recipe video

For those looking for an unexpected twist, this one’s for you. Cherry on Top kicks the classic Negroni up a notch, using the London Dry style Belgian gin, Biercée ‘Less is More’ Gin as a base, and highlights the sharp and full-bodied flavor of Lindemans Kriek.

20 ml Campari
20 ml vermouth
20 ml Biercée Gin (Less is More)
60 ml Lindemans Kriek Lambic beer

Glass: rock glass

Ice: block ice

Pour ingredients in mixing glass.
Add ice and stir. Pour into glass with ice.
Garnish with a candied cherry tomato.

To accompany the delicious craft beers and cocktails, Edge will be serving dishes from its new menu: Firecracker Prawn with Thai sweet chili sauce; Garlic Wagyu Beef Salpicao with teppanyaki onions; Chicken Satay with ginger and spice marmalade and peanut sauce; and Salt and Pepper Squid with bell peppers and vinegar dip.

Chicken Satay with ginger and spice marmalade and peanut sauce
Edge’s new menu— Salt and Pepper Squid with bell peppers and vinegar dip and Firecracker Prawn with Thai sweet chili sauce
Discovery Primea bartenders Jairra Poltrias and Martin Protacio
Manila top women bartenders Faye Fernando, Vanessa Rabadon, Kat Osmillo, and Loreen Hernandez
AskGina’s Mench Dizon learning how to make a highball cocktail
Icy Mariñas teaching Frances Espinosa how to expel oils from a cilantro

DrinkManila’s Women and Tipple series for March is an invite-only event. If you want to join the tasting events, please subscribe to our mailing list, and we will update you on the upcoming schedule. We encourage women to join us as we build a network of like-minded women with a taste for a good tipple and growing curiosity for the cocktail culture. 

Follow us @drinkmanila on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for updates, and check out these hashtags on Facebook and Instagram: #WomenAndTipple #DrinkManila. For inquiries, please contact us directly at or message/call via +63 995 018 4904.


Les Deux Belges Corp. is a Manila-based importer who aims to bring the best of Belgian products to the Philippines. Established in 2016, Les Deux Belges is positioned to be a wholesaler, distributor and a trailblazer when it comes to introducing Belgium’s specialties to Metro Manila. For updates and more information, email them at or visit their website Follow Le Deux Belges at @lesdeuxbelges on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


World Class Concepts Corp. exclusively distributes Ocean Glass. For more information about their products, visit, @worldclassconceptscorp on Facebook, or contact +632) 824 3856-59. Follow Ocean Glass Philippines at @oceanglassPH on Facebook and @oceanglassph Instagram.


Edge is at the 16th floor of Discovery Primea, with a view of the Makati skyline, this garden lounge is the ideal setting for casual night outs. For reservations, call Edge at +632 955 8888, or email at

Discovery Primea is one of five properties of The Discovery Leisure Company’s portfolio of distinctive hotels and resorts and is a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ prestigious LVX Collection. If you have inquiries about the hotel, you may email at or contact +632 9558888. Get updates through, or @DiscoveryPrimea on Instagram and Twitter, or DiscoveryPrimeaMakati on Facebook.

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