It’s Flores de Mayo, and while some provinces are busy with their Santacruzan and other Christian activities, in the grocery stores, markets, and every corner garden, flowers are starting to pop-up. While we have an abundance of floral blooms for the season, here are some floral cocktail recipe you might want to whip up in your home bar. Floral ingredients whether liqueur, fresh flowers, essence, or syrups are excellent for adding complex flavors in any cocktail drinks.

1) Die Beautiful Cocktail

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This cocktail is inspired by the Filipino film Die Beautiful, which is about to be shown at the upcoming MMFF. It’s tart with floral notes and a hint of bitterness.

2) Afterglow

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Fresh, light and tangy, Afterglow will leave a smile on your face and color on your cheeks. The sweetness of the jam goes well with the cooling flavor of cucumber, with just the right amount of tartness from the lemon to keep it grounded. Perfect to sip and savor in the afternoon, and the edible flower garnish adds texture and floral notes to the cocktail. 

3) Black Forest

Recipe by Royce Pua, Bartender at William Grant & Sons and Prima Facie bar (a hidden speakeasy inside Vitto’s Wine Bar & Restaurant located at 114 Scout Lozano St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City (inside Vitto’s)

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Created for the Christmas season, we’ve decided we want to have this cake hibiscus inspired drink for the floral season. The cocktail takes its flavors from a classic Black Forest cake. The balanced mixture of hibiscus syrup and Intramuros Liqueur De Cacao makes this drink the liquid version of this favorite traditional cake.

4) Sleepy Dahlia

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Sleepy Dahlia has subtle – almost tender – flavors, floral and citrus notes, and a touch of sweetness make this calming cocktail the perfect drink to end the day.

5) Kiss From A Rose

Recipe by Kalel Demetrio, owner Agimat Bar, Poblacion

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A liquid bouquet. This pink concoction is a refreshing rose cocktail for a sunny afternoon. Whether you’re looking for the perfect sip to enjoy with someone or by yourself, this recipe is a great pick-me-up drink.

6) Purple Unicorn Gin and Tonic

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Enjoy a treat from your youth with a grown-up twist in this playful ‘pretty in purple’ G&T. Purple unicorn is a fun, colorful drink that balances the earthiness of Empress 1908 Gin with the sweet goodness of cotton candy and the crisp notes of fresh citrus, tarragon, and floral herb ice cubes. The delightful Purple Unicorn will make you feel like a happy kid!

7) Blue Potion

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Unexpected and exciting, the Blue Potion has a cucumber freshness with a citrus kick. You can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it tastes like, so you keep sipping until you finish it. It’s a great trick to drink a love potion.

8) Pantone Ultra Violet

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This Pantone color of the year last 2018 inspired cocktail is shimmery, citrus, tart, and spirit forward. Swirl the cocktail pick, and the liquid would look magical.  

9) Pink Velvet

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Flowers are pretty and sweet to give, but this cocktail is way better. Pink Velvet has a unique floral note with a lingering sweet white chocolate finish, perfect to set the mood for your romantic evening.

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