About Us

DrinkManila.com is the Philippines’ first online magazine for news, features, products, and events in the beverage category, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We write stories about our unique local drinking culture, the best places to drink in the metro, and the people who work hard to create our favorite drinks.

Inside our pages


  1. Tipple Tales – Examining how and why we drink.
  2. Wish List Our most coveted drink-related items and experiences
  3. Show your shelfDrinking enthusiasts and connoisseurs invite us to see where they keep their good liquor
  4. Behind the Bar Stories about the people who make our drinks
  5. Product Reviews – What’s worth trying or buying

RECIPES –  Easy-to-follow drink recipes and videos

DRINKING 101 – An approachable guide for navigating the complex world of drink

EVENTS Because if there are drinks, there must be a gathering

BRAND NEWS – Launches, latest developments, limited releases…it’s all here

BAR FIND – Discover where to drink

TRAVELSDistilleries, wineries, and drink adventures outside the metro