Spark the romance on Valentine’s Day with these romantic and boozy concoctions. You don’t have to bring your date to a spanky bar or restaurant to have a great night, practice your skills behind the bar and impress your special one with a candlelight dinner at home and pair it with any of these homemade romantic drinks.

1. Aphrodite’s Kiss

There are tons of supposed aphrodisiacs out there, ranging from chocolate to vital organs of endangered animals. Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac, and booze does loosen one’s inhibitions. What will happen if we mix those two into a powerhouse aphrodisiac cocktail? Take the fresh oyster and slide it into your mouth and drink the Bloody Mary-ish concoction and let the tastes marry in your mouth. It’s succulent, savory, and spicy all rolled into one controlled explosion in your mouth. Enjoy now, thank us later.

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2. Pink Velvet

Flowers are pretty and sweet to give for Valentine’s Day, but this cocktail is way better. Unleash your inner bartender and impress your date with this romantic drink recipe. Pink Velvet has a unique floral note with a lingering sweet white chocolate finish, perfect to set the mood for your romantic evening.

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3. In The Mood For Love

This Japanese-inspired shooter smells toasty (from the sesame seeds) and fresh (from the greens). Silky, savory, with a hint of spiciness from Sriracha and heat from and Sake, it has a creamy, egg-y finish. It’s like a little meal, with your rice (Sake), veggies (greens), protein (egg), and seasoning (Sriracha and sesame seeds).

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4. First Kiss

Sweet and innocent with a surprise, this cocktail is addicting just like a first kiss. Lick and smack your lips for little explosions of the popping candy. It’s ‘kilig’ in a glass!

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5. Praning

Being praning (paranoid) is never fun. Let us ease your overactive imagination with this shooter. It’s sweet and citrusy, with a strong spicy kick that will set you straight.

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6. Momol

This straightforwardly sweet shooter will make you want to make out. Need we say more?

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7. Gayuma

Recipe by Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio

The drink is aromatic and very refreshing, it has a balanced combination of sour from lambanog, calamansi, and fresh notes of cucumber and basil. It is a perfect cocktail for your Valentine’s date. It lures, it lingers and will keep anyone wanting for more.

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8. Love In A Glass 

Love in a glass tastes like a honeymoon stage of any love affair, all fresh and sweet, with the slightest hint of spice (from the ginger beer).

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9. Blue Potion

Unexpected and interesting, the Blue Potion has a cucumber freshness with a citrus kick. You can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it tastes like so you keep sipping until you finish it. What a great trick to drink a love potion.

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10. Choco Martini

If you love dessert-y cocktails, this one’s for you. It has a deep chocolate smell, is sweet and coconuty, with a chocolate-coconuty finish.

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11. Blush

If this doesn’t make you blush, we don’t know what will. The fizz and flavor light up the tongue and tickles the nose. Perfumey, delicate and sophisticated, this slightly bitter cocktail almost tastes like the stirrings of infatuation.

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12. Deep Throat

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. It’s not that kind of drink! This cocktail shooter is so smooth and delicious. It slides easily down the throat. Deep Throat tastes smells and tastes like apple pie, it’s a perfect shooter to spice up your night.

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These fun drinks are great with meals, we’ve got your drink menu, just plan on what you will feed your date.

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