Recipe by Ralph Allen Santos
Kampai, Bartender
What is the inspiration for the drink?  
Calibre means the quality of someone’s character, Ocho denotes my 8th year in the bar industry. I created Calibre Ocho during my lowest point as a bartender. This drink is inspired by having a good character regardless of circumstances you encounter. Your character defines the caliber of your thoughts.
Ralph Allen Santos during the Philippine leg
Nose: Pleasant aroma of the star anise and orange oil
Tasting notes: this carries a lovely light smoke, sherry influence, toffee and chocolate
Glass used: old-fashioned glass or rocks glass
Garnish: Burnt star anise and orange peel
Ice used: ice block
Ralph Allen Santos
How to create the drink 
45 ml Bacardi Ocho
7.5 ml Sherry Amontillado
7.5 ml Fennel and Orange syrup
2 dashes Chocolate Bitters
  1. All ingredient into the mixing glass, stir and pour in a rocks glass
How to create fennel and orange peel syrup
20 grams Fennel seeds
Orange peel (peel 1 whole orange)
500 grams Sugar
500 ml Water
  1. Marry all the ingredients in airlock container, rest it for 2 hours to combine the flavor of anise and orange oil in the sugar.
  2. Put 500ml of hot water into the container, stir until the sugar dissolve and then let it cool.

Shot on location: The Exit Bar 

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