Gallery by Chele, the newly opened restaurant of Manila-based Spanish chef Chele Gonzalez, has a warm and beautiful space complete with a bar, lounge, and restaurant. Touted as the next evolution of Gallery VASK, the internationally renowned restaurant that had opened in 2013, Gallery by Chele embraces its tropical Filipino and Southeast Asian milieu in presenting the region’s multifaceted flavors while applying modern culinary techniques.

Gallery by Chele is a restaurant very much attuned to its times. Sustainability is the big buzzword these days, as it should be, and that, alongside the preservation and exploration of food and local flavors, is the central philosophy of the restaurant. Local flavors — both the expected and unexpected — are evident in every bite of food, and in the cocktails as well.

The bar menu has been developed by Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen’s Liquido Maestro Kalel Demetrio with his own take on the classics. Kalel is known to use a lot of ingredients in his cocktails and but for Gallery by Chele, he opted for the minimal approach which made the classic cocktail shine.  He capitalized on the local ingredients available in Chef Chele’s kitchen, and the chef has plenty on hand for the mixologist to play with.

Aperitif made of gin, cognac liqueur, Cynar, and garnished with talilong leaves makes for a great starter to the evening
Their version of the classic Sour has Bourbon, Angostura bitters, lemon, Kafir syrup, egg white, green tea, and celery liqueur.
Their Martini, a refreshing mix of vodka, melon, celery liqueur, a hint of citrus, and reduced Chardonnay syrup.
Cascara is an interesting drink. Cascara is a by-product of cacao infused with liquor mixed with gin, garnished with a dehydrated orange with cacao with a spray of absinthe through a flame before serving.
The Biason Margarita has Tequila shaken with mango ginger shrub, served with Himalayan salt and green peppercorn on the rim.
This sunny cold-pressed pineapple juice with gin, celery liqueur, and pineapple leaf garnish is like a trip to the beach.
The Butterball — their signature Gin and Tonic — has juniper berries, rosemary, cinnamon, an orange slice and chamomile liqueur. It’s called “Butterball” because it brings to mind Thanksgiving.

The cocktails are made to pair well with the “Bites.”  The “Bites” is just as their name says: small but big in flavor and textures. Gallery by Chele serves classics and other bites, small plates, and big plates a la carte, as well as customizable short and long tasting menus.

Tomato Mochi stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese, and smoked tinapa is the savory version on this Japanese treat that everyone needs in their life.
The Purple Cracker, glutinous rice cracker topped with tuna tartare with aromatic herbs plays on textures and flavors.
The Black Blinis is an homage to the classic combination of puto and dinuguan: blood rice cakes topped with French sour cream with kaffir and salmon roe.
The Meringue de Sal: chicken-soy and mousse is a melt-in-your-mouth play on the chicken adobo.
The Black Crisp is a decadent bite of uni mousse, corn, celery on top of squid ink and shrimp cracker.
A literal quick bite of “Breakfast” complete with quail egg, atchara, on Adlai crackers.
A luxurious bite of Moringa Toast with bone marrow and purple corn.
Steamed brioche with a sweet beef stew that tastes similar to pork humba, topped with pinakurat mayo.
The Ube Chawanmushi is a certified umami bomb!
The tangy Tiradito, a play on the Peruvian dish of raw fish with kinilaw yellowfin tuna, chili coconut milk, and pickle arosep (lato).
One of the more popular main dishes is the Silly Too Na — a spicy dish of tuna belly with pesto, and a side of red wine cherry tomatoes on ricotta cheese.
The Sour Ribs is part of the tasting menu Gallery by Chele offers. It’s Wagyu beef cooked in calamansi and soy sauce for 28 hours, it’s likely going to be the most luxurious bistek served ever. The richness continues with the Kalinga black rice fried in Wagyu beef fat.
After an evening of drinks and good food, it’s only right to end it with Ube Torrija soaked in Don Papa Rum with coconut milk ice cream on the side.

Gallery by Chele is at 5F Clipp Center, 11th Ave corner 39th St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. For reservations, email or call +63917.546. 1673 or +632.218.3895

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