Another suggestion for a batch cocktail (another term for punch) is this holiday-specific one that is sure to delight the kid in every imbiber. Kitschy and fruity, this punch will surely be a hit at any party. Just try not to look at the lychee “eyeballs” staring at you as you knock these back. To add to the holiday spirit you can use thoroughly washed Halloween-themed toy buckets.



  • 1 L Four Seasons Juice
  • 1 can lychee
  • ½ bottle of Tequila Silver (Jose Cuervo Especial Silver)
  • Syrup to taste
  • Black olives


  1. Mix juice and tequila in a pumpkin bucket.
  2. Add ice and mix.
  3. Add syrup to taste.
  4. For the eyeball, put whole black olives in the center of each lychee.
  5. Drop eyeballs in the bucket or put two or three on top of each glass for single serve.
  6. Serve punch immediately. (The taste will change if you leave it in the fridge overnight.) is your learned drinking buddy who can tell you what to drink, what you’re drinking and where to drink. Learn about the coolest and the latest bars in the metro, or the newest beverage or new product out in the market, or have fun creating enjoyable drinks from our features and videos within the comfort of your homes.

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