This red punch recipe is perfect to serve for thirsty Halloween party goers but can also be enjoyed even without an occasion. It has a balanced combination of sweetness from the strawberry puree and sourness from the cider. For a fun serve, add pop rocks and lollies with fresh strawberry per glass serving.


Glass: Highball glasses

Ice: Tube

Ingredients: (This recipe serves 10)

  • Strawberry and apple flavor cider
    1 pc cinnamon stick
    400 g chopped strawberries
    500 mL Cabernet Sauvignon red wine 
  • 100 ml vanilla
  • sugar syrup


  1. Heat a cinnamon stick and 400 g chopped strawberries in 500ml red wine for about 20 minutes. (You could use 100ml Monin strawberry puree for consistency and just fresh strawberries for garnishing.)
  2. Do not bring to a boil, the alcohol will evaporate leaving just the flavor. 
  3. As it is cooling, add about 50 to 100 ml vanilla infused sugar syrup.
  4. Leave to cool.
  5. Taste and if more flavor is needed add some more strawberries, (but not more cinnamon) and heat again.
  6. Strain the cooled liquid
  7. Serve 45ml of the mixture over ice and top with apple cider. 
  8. For single serve, pour mixture into a highball glass  (rimmed with poprocks) with ice, and top with apple cider.   

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