• Location: 3rd floor, Burgos Park, Forbestown Road in BGC
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Kind of establishment: Café
  • Signature drinks: Holy Kale Juice, Beet Me Alive Smoothie, Glowing Skin Smoothie, Chocolate Overload Smoothie, and Café Latte


The A Institute
The kitchen bar

What is a piece of paradise in a concrete jungle? It could be anything that finds you bliss amidst chaos. One such place that comes to mind is the Aivee Café. Nestled on the third floor of Burgos Park, Forbestown Road in BGC, it is delicately hidden like a secret in the confines of The A Institute, the recently launched revolutionary health and wellness center of Drs. Aivee and Z Teo. At the onset intended solely for patients of the center, the direction has changed with word swiftly spreading about a new concept establishment that endorses a holistic approach to food and beverage. Fully operational since this September, the Aivee Café has an in-house board-certified dietician and nutritionist in the form of the amicable Dr. Almira Kaye Cuadra who boasts of the café’s cutting-edge vegan menu specially customized by Singaporean Vegan Chef Alicia Ann Lip. “Many people are conscious with their food. They want fewer calories. Vegan is a healthier option as there’s no animal fat. Animal-based dairy is high in cholesterol and sodium. Vegan alternatives are higher in fiber, less in fat, (with) more vitamins and minerals. You get plant polyphenols or antioxidants (derived) only from plants.”


This is probably the only café in the city with a friendly medical expert advising you to quit making foolish food and drink decisions. Every now and then everyone needs a slap of truth. Dr. Almira explains, “Eating (and drinking) is part of your lifestyle. It’s something you develop over time and is something hard to change instantly. When you talk to a nutritionist, they inform you of what is right and provide you with an informed decision whenever you eat and drink out. It will lead you (slowly but surely) to a healthier lifestyle being educated. You would know how to avoid food and drink items that aren’t good for you.” How is this determined? They have an in-depth analysis that involves anthropometrics, biochemical, clinical, dietary, and ecological assessment. In other words, aside from your medical conditions, body mass index and blood work results, they will probe even where you eat, how often you eat what, and the dietary habits of your friends and family. That level of care is given to you at the Aivee Café.

Our Aivee Café beverage choice picks:

Holy Kale Juice: A cold-pressed, slow-processed juice with all the nutrients preserved, it uses green grapes and dino kale and is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, and E. It’s a dose of your vitamins in one drink to energize you. It’s naturally sweet, so no need to worry about the sugar. For those who want ice, coconut water ice is given so you can still get that sweetness with the added richness of electrolytes. It’s available in takeout bottles with a one-day shelf life.

Holy kale! 🍃💕 juicing up for the week ahead 💪🏼

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Beet Me Alive Smoothie: This is your best-friend pick-me-up drink for a hangover. It cleanses the blood with the powerful detoxifying beetroot, which aids in neutralizing blood toxins. It also has grapes, almond milk, banana, and avocado. This drink, along with the other power smoothies is recommended for those who are acidic. All power smoothies have an overnight frozen banana as their base and achieve their desired texture and consistency using a Vitamix blender.

Beet Me Alive Smoothie

Glowing Skin Smoothie: Aside from banana, lemon, and almond milk, this smoothie has spirulina (rich in iron) from natural sea algae that is high in fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin C, which is beneficial for collagen formation so that the skin is plumper. An anti-inflammatory to reduce water retention and bloatedness, turmeric from the ginger family is also added to give you a nice glow.

Glowing Skin Smoothie
Glowing Skin Smoothie

Chocolate Overload Smoothie: Feed your sweet tooth cravings guiltlessly, as this drink is created with homemade organic cacao with extra virgin coconut oil, medjool dates, and a rich homemade fudge drizzle. Since it is vegan, there are no animal products or animal by-products that weigh you down.

Chocolate Overload Smoothie
Chocolate Overload Smoothie

Café Latte: A timeless favortite, this coffee may be taken using full cream, skim milk, or vegan milk (almond milk). Note that with all coffee from the Aivee Café you have the luxury of choosing hot or cold brew options and decaf or caffeinated options, including a wider choice for sweeteners from white refined sugar to alternatives (especially for those with diabetes) such as muscovado, brown, or coco sugar. They use Batangas Arabica beans. Dr. Almira elaborates, “Caffeine isn’t entirely bad, as it’s good for metabolism and can boost your brain function enhancing the neurotransmitters, but for those who in time develop an intolerance, it’s better to have this decaf option. There are people who are caffeine intolerant. Those who have conditions such as acid reflux or GERD, the caffeine causes their esophagus to relax so there’s reflux. It’s good to have this choice so they can enjoy coffee.”

Café Latte
Café Latte
For food:

Mushroom and Basil Quinoa: This pasta has a surprisingly yummy kick of spice with the subtle flavor of mushroom and the rest of its ingredients pureéd.

Mushroom and Basil Quinoa
Mushroom and Basil Quinoa Pasta

Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil: Using three kinds of mushroom and three kinds of cheeses, this dish is a tasty treat that doesn’t overpower the palate.

Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil
Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil

Day or night, the Aivee Café holds a spectacular view of the neighborhood cityscape. The sunlight falls in beautifully and caresses the five-star ambience with a cheerful mood. The day begins with a breath of rejuvenation, or the end of the day culminates with the comforting touch of nourishment that can only be described as distinctly Aivee.

Photos and video by Star Sabroso

A bohemian spirit who's now exercising and enjoying her left-brain functions in a corporate world. Denise Roco will still forever be a writer and artist at heart. She wrote about the awesome coffee classics and coffee cocktails at Caravan Black, and looks forward to more drink explorations with DrinkManila.

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