It’s Oktoberfest season! Celebrate Oktoberfest with these beery cocktails concoctions:

1) Regalo: Cedric Mendoza’s Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Recipe (Click here to watch full recipe)

Cedric Mendoza, bartender from World’s 50 No. 7 Best Bar Manhattan Bar (Singapore), created this beer cocktail recipe called “Regalo”. Named after the Tagalog word for “gift,” Regalo conveys a couple of meanings. It’s Cedric’s gift to everyone, and it’s also a nod to the gift he got when he turned 18, which was his first bottle of Bacardi. This well-rounded drink has the right amount of sweetness and bitterness, and goes down smoothly. The SMB Pale is used specifically because it is the local lager available here. The addition of local beer gives each Regalo cocktail the flavor of the place where it is made.

2) Serbesa Cocktail (Click here to watch full recipe)

This margarita + beer hybrid is a long drink you can nurse for a while. The sweetness of the triple sec and simple syrup rounds out the bitterness of the beer. It’s a full-bodied yet balanced cocktail that is a step above enjoying plain beer.

3) Super Submarine (Click here to watch full recipe)

This was a staple at Penguin (RIP) in Remedios, Malate. Take a bottle of Red Horse beer, pour it into a large beer mug and drop a shot of lambanog (coconut vodka) and enjoy this cold beverage that is sure to give you a swift kick. The sweetness of the lambanog (from Quezon, not the mass-produced flavored ones you see in convenience stores) balances the strong malty bitterness of the beer.

4) Kabaranggay: Beer Cocktail recipe by Anthony Dave Adonis Banda (Click here to watch full recipe)

This is another great mashup of a childhood treat with an adult drink. It is sweet from candy and Mountain Dew, with some bitterness from the beer, and has a minty finish.

5) Dead Horse from Tabiki Bar in San Vicente, Palawan (Click here to watch full recipe)

What do you get when you bring three well-known beverages together? You get Dead Horse. From Tabiki Bar, a small bar in San Vicente, Palawan. Dead Horse combines Red Horse, Emperador Brandy and Coca-cola in a potent pitcher. This full-bodied drink is a mix of familiar flavors. is your learned drinking buddy who can tell you what to drink, what you’re drinking and where to drink. Learn about the coolest and the latest bars in the metro, or the newest beverage or new product out in the market, or have fun creating enjoyable drinks from our features and videos within the comfort of your homes.

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