When you’ve been doing something for 30 years, every once in a while you have to pull a new trick out of your hat to make it extra special for everyone involved. When the lights went out at GSM Blue’s annual calendar launch at C3 Events Place, we instantly got the feeling that the reveal wasn’t gonna be simple.

Nikko Ramos

Since they promised an epic night, it clearly demanded a special entrance. A figure descended from the ceiling dressed in warrior angel regalia, clearly paying homage to Michael the Archangel on the brand’s logo. And there she was: Myrtle Sarrosa, celebrity cosplayer, actress, blogger, singer, VJ and a whole lot of other things and this year’s GSM Blue calendar girl.

Myrtle Sarrosa descending from the ceiling
Myrtle Sarrosa, celebrity cosplayer, actress, blogger, singer, and VJ
Myrtle Sarrosa collaboratd with GSM for the 2018 calendar
Mr. Noli Macalalag, General Manager of Ginebra San Miguel
Ginebra San Miguel Inc. Marketing Manager Ron Molina
Susan Dimacali, ASPAC- – Dentsu Aegis Network’s Chief Executive Officer

The calendar was a collaboration between GSM and Myrtle. She mentioned that she had full creative control over how she was going to incorporate five different versions of herself for five different Ginebra San Miguel brands to produce five awesome calendars. The classic archangel costume was clearly for Ginebra San Miguel. For GSM Blue, she came up with a futuristic cyber woman outfit. For Primera Light Brandy, she portrayed an illusionist character. Tapping into her nature-loving side, she dressed herself as a enchantress to represent Vino Kulafu, and to top it all off and bring all the brands together under one head honcho, she embodied a powerful Boss Lady. Ginebra stated that they were really pleased about how these calendars turned out, and they won’t be surprised if people want to get their hands on all five Ginebra San Miguel 2018 calendars.

Two new GSM Blue flavors were introduced at the party:Gin Pomelo and Margarita 
Gin Pomelo and Margarita

Two new GSM Blue flavors were introduced at the party: Margarita and Gin Pomelo. These new flavors shouldn’t be a unfamiliar to you, but just to refresh your memory, the Margarita flavor is composed of lime, orange liqueur—which also has lime in it—and, of course, tequila. Its simplicity has made it one of the most popular drinks ever made! On the other hand, we have Gin Pomelo, a Pinoy original, also known as Ginpom. This thing sprouted in the ’90s when litro packs of pomelo juice first hit the market and, long story short, made the drink a household name. Ginebra just made the life of every fan of these drinks much easier by putting all the ingredients in one bottle. Just pour it over ice and you’re good to go.

Photos by Star Sabroso  

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