Recipe by  Jason “haven” Hussein Ali
OTO, Head Bartender 


What is the inspiration for the drink?  It’s all about my ups and down being a bartender and not just a bartender. Also as a person, I had lots of second thought regarding the path that I’m taking. The strength that pushes me to move forward is not just my own it came from my family and my peers who never get tired of listening and guiding me. So I call my drink Sueño it means dream in Spanish so for me it’s a never-ending dream. To be the best on what you are doing.

Haven during the Bacardi Legacy Philippine leg
Tasting notes: fruity, strong, and little bit sweet.
Glass used: coupe
Garnish: dried banana
Ice used: n/a

How to create the drink:
45ml Bacardi 8
22ml banana liquor
15ml lime
3 dash chocolate bitters
1 bar spoon sugar
1 bar spoon Aperol

  1. Shake and strain in a coupe glass
  2. Garnish with dried banana

Shot on location: The Exit Bar 

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