DrinkManila Tastings is DrinkManila’s new video segment that features the team taking on different drinking trends and reviewing new bottles and beverages picked up on trips abroad and at local groceries.

In the first episode, DrinkManila’s editor-in-chief Tatum Ancheta, resident mixologist Icy Mariñas, and guest The Island’s senior marketing officer Jess Constantino taste and review 31 gins (in one day!) at Gilarmi Lounge’s Gin Library.

DrinkManila’s editor-in-chief Tatum Ancheta, The Island’s senior marketing officer Jess Constantino, and resident mixologist Icy Mariñas

Watch hilarity ensue as they go through 9 styles of gin. Lots of laughter, trivia, discoveries, and good times (and water!) on this first episode.

(Part 2: 13 More Gins To Go) 

To give you a taste of what they went through, here are the 9 kinds of gin we featured (you have to watch the videos to find out more):

1. London Dry

It is the most common gin you see in the grocery stores or liquor stores. After the gins distillation, no other botanicals or flavoring should be added after distillation. London Dry’s base spirit must be a neutral spirit with 96% ABV.

2. Genever

They call this gin the “granddaddy” of all gins because it is how the first gins were made. It is a blend of two spirits: botanical-infused neutral spirit and unaged whisky (malt wine).

3. Old Tom

Gin experts say that Old Tom is the missing link between the botanical-forward London Dry and malty Genever style because of its distinct sweet notes. It has less juniper bite and mouth-coating malty sweetness.

4. Plymouth

There is only one Plymouth gin because the Black Friars Distillery which makes it is the only remaining distillery from Plymouth, England. Like Scotch whisky or Tequila, Plymouth gin is based on its geographical origin.     The taste is similar to London dry, but a bit sweeter and earthier.

5. New Wave / Modern / Craft

Craft gins are the most disruptive gin category in the gin market. It is manufactured with less emphasis on juniper and more emphasis on other aromatics like floral botanicals, citrus, and other botanicals. According to The Botanist gin distributors, to be a craft gin, it has to fall in the A.S.H.I.T. category, which means Artisanal, Small Batch, Handcrafted, Independent, and Traditional (traditionally made).

6. Flavored Gin

Flavored Gins are a contemporary style gin with flavor-forward notes. Distillers add different botanicals after distillation and opt to highlight one or two flavor aromatics to stand out in the gin.

7. Grape- Based Gin

Gins coming from the vineyard which uses unconventional grape spirit as base instead of the most commonly used grain or potato neutral spirit.

8. Navy Strength

Gins that are at 57.5% ABV or higher falls to the Navy Strength category.

9. Aged Gin

Barreled gins or Barrel Rested gins are gins aged in barrels. Sometimes referred to as “yellow gin” since the characteristics of the oaks which transfers to the spirit creates a yellow hue. This type of gin picks up the sweetness and the flavor qualities of the oak.

Try out the gins at the Gin Library at Gilarmi Lounge of Discovery Primea.

Watch this video guide on picking the right tonic for your gin, and what garnishes you can use to highlight flavors to take your G&T to a whole new level

Catch the month-long celebration of World Gin Day at Gilarmi Lounge’s Gin Library the whole month of June. DrinkManila.com partners with Discovery Primea, Premier Wine and Spirits, and 8! Botanicals to offer fun and festive gin treat on June 9, from 4 pm until 12 mn. On June 16, Gilarmi Lounge will have a Bombay Sapphire guest bar shift by Niño Jayson Cruz. Guests can enjoy Bombay Sapphire with unlimited drinks for only P450. On June 27, Discovery Primea presents Gins and Jazz at Gilarmi Lounge from 4 pm to 9 pm with live entertainment and English gin labels J.J. Whitley, Whitley Neill, and Sipsmith. Capping the celebration on June 30, there will be a Botanical Painting Workshop by master crafter Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast. Participants can work on their paintings will sipping on gin cocktails courtesy of Don Revy gins for only P1,300.

DrinkManila Video Team: Chrysmas Gawaran, Star Sabroso, Kay Arias, and Franchesca Casauay

Special thanks to Gilarmi Lounge Gin Library at Discovery Primea, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines and National Brow Artist Celina Fernandez

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