Recipe by Louise Lloyd L. Oliverio

Bartender at Edge, Discovery Primea (6749 Ayala Ave, Makati City)

Taking inspiration from the popular carolers’ song Sa Maybahay ang Aming Batì, this cocktail gets its flavors from hamon and queso de bola.

“Ham and queso de bola is always present during the Christmas season, most especially in our house. We usually get it from Christmas raffle, a company give away or given as gifts by relatives and friends. At home, Christmas is not the same without ham and queso de bola, and it seems that we always have it in excess so, I’m sharing my pamaskong cocktail recipe with ham and queso de bola base ingredients.”— Louise

When you have ham and queso de bola, “araw-araw ay magiging pasko lagi! (everyday is always a Christmas day).”


60 ml Very Old Captain Rum
30 ml butterscotch Liqueur
30 ml *homemade queso de bola custard syrup
15 ml honey syrup
*Homemade candied ham and Grated Queso de bola as garnish

*How to make a queso de bola custard syrup

2 egg yolk
250 gm cooking cream
200 gm sugar
1 cup grated queso de bola        

Simmer all the ingredients in a pan for 8 to 15 minutes. Let it cool and use it as syrup.

*How to make candied ham

1 cup diced ham
150 g sugar
1 tsp. vegetable oil      

Heat the ham and the sugar in a nonstick pan over medium heat.
Stir occasionally until the sugar has dissolved completely.
Let it cool and use it as a garnish.

How to make the cocktail

In a shaker, pour in all the liquid ingredients.
Shake and strain in a highball glass and garnish it with homemade candied ham and grated queso de bola.

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