Recipe by DrinkManila’s Resident Mixologist Icy Mariñas

Inspired by the popular song Himig ng Pasko sang by APO Hiking Society and covered by other Filipino artist.  

“Just like the first few lines of the song. ‘Malamig ang simoy ng hangin. Masaya ang bawat damdamin…’ The song describes how I feel when the cold Christmas breeze starts, you’ll instantly smell my favorite bibingka wafting in the air, this is why I was inspired to do a bibingka Ramos fizz.” — Icy 


60 ml Gin 
15 ml Lemon
15 ml Lime
30 ml Vanilla syrup
15 ml Coconut cream
5 ml  Condensed milk
3 drops orange water


Drop all ingredientsin a tin shaker. Add ice, shake. Take out the ice, pour into different tin, then shake again for 45 seconds. (This will guarantee a big foam head which is a must!) 
Strain with a Hawthorne shaker and let it sit for 30 seconds. 
Slowly pour soda water until you have your desired height for the head. Serve with a slice of salted egg and bibingka on the side. Enjoy!

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